Henry Pope Bio

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Henry Pope has smashed the edge off the cubist and injected color into the monochromatic. It is no surprise that for the past several years his music has been popping up on radio stations around the globe, Top 100 lists, huge festival lineups (Coachella), and tastemaker music blogs. Pope’s live electronic sets enthrall massive crowds by featuring world class musicians melding seamlessly with phenomenal mixes. Riding a wave of critical acclaim and triumphs at some of the world’s largest festivals, Henry Pope released his debut EP titled “Waiting” on Street Ritual Records in 2014. The record was a huge success. Originally inspired by the tunes of his Floridian upbringing, Pope was committed to his early music education that, eventually, led him to the University of Colorado at Boulder. Although he now makes Venice Beach his home, Henry Pope has rocked international crowds in Canada, India, Nepal, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Europe. Closer to home, his musical mastery has been enjoyed by discerning crowds at Coachella, Burning Man, Source Festival, One Love Festival, Lightening In A Bottle, Lucidity, Envision, Genius Loci, and with the Lucent Dossier Experience. He is a veteran of the stage, who, as a bassist, has toured with various national artists including indie favorite, Small Flowers, where he revealed his skills as a writer and producer. During 2013 and 2014, Pope co-produced Genius Loci FEST in Mexico, an exciting kaleidoscope of surfing, music, yoga, and environmental activism. In addition to the release of his EP, Pope’s original compositions are earning him accolades from film and television placements. If you love music of the highest quality, stay tuned because Henry Pope is dedicated to dropping pure gold.


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