House Legends Chocolate Puma Share Their Top 5 Productions

House Legends Chocolate Puma Share Their Top 5 Productions

Dutch duo Chocolate Puma have been on the forefront of the house music world for decades now. Made up of Zki and Dobre, the two have taken over the globe under a handful of different aliases and inspired countless producers with their cutting edge sound. They started working together back in the early 90's, and haven't looked back since.

The duo now releases music on esteemed labels like Spinnin and Mixmash, and continue to spread their legendary house sound in venues all across the world. They are currently finishing up a small American tour, and then will head back to their European roots throughout the rest of the summer. They are the definition of artists who remember where they came from musically, but still continue to innovate.

To celebrate 25 years of working together and the release of "I Could Be Wrong" next week on Spinnin, we were able to work with Chocolate Puma to pick out their top 5 productions over the years. This includes tracks under the names Chocolate Puma, The Good Men, and Jack Prongo. Three different aliases, countless memories, and house music that stands the test of time. Listen below, and let us know your favorites.

1. The Good Men - Give It Up

"One of the first tracks we ever did together back in 1991. Became a huge clubhit and in a crossover record many countries. It was the start of what became a quite successful career in music, so it still holds a special place in our heart."

2. Jark Prongo - Movin' Thru Your System

"Jark Prongo was our weird alter ego. Fun fact; back in those days we still had a studio with old synths, drumcomputers and hardware stuff. By coincidence we plugged a cable into the wrong input and there was the main sound of Movin’ Thru Your System. These are the happy mistakes that make creating music fun."

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3. Chocolate Puma - I Wanna Be U

"The first Chocolate Puma record ever. We made it back in 2000, and pressed a few hundred white labels with just an email adress on it. We totally forgot about the email account, checked it a few months later to find dozens of emails by record labels wanting to put it out. Oh, and Pete Tong asking for a new copy as his one wore out. It ended up at 6 in the UK charts."

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4. Chocolate Puma - Step Back ft Kris Kiss

"This went daytime radio in The Netherlands and became a top 40 hit. The thing is we never make records for the radio, we always produce for the (underground) dancefloors. So when one of our records crosses over, we’re always surprised haha."

5. Chocolate Puma - I Could Be Wrong

"One of those tracks that came together in a matter of hours. It’s still a mystery why that happens, as sometimes you work on a track for weeks, and another time it just flows, and boom there it is. Coming out June 8th on the mighty Spinnin’ Records."

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