Howling: The Story Of RY X And Half Of Âme Joining Forces To Create Pure Emotion



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Howling doesn't make your run of the mill music. They make music that is full of emotion, richness, melody and a unique pop sound. Howling is composed of Innervisions core artist and one half of Âme, Frank Wiedemann, and RY X of The Acid. The group has recently released their debut album Sacred Ground on May 4th via Monkeytown Records to critical acclaim and appropriately they are touring all over Europe this summer to support it.

With beautiful music videos to go along with their deeply moving songs, Howling is a band that is putting it all out there. They want you to feel something and probably they do it because they have lived such amazing lives themselves. You can hear that these songs come from a very personal, deep place. It is wonderful that these two artists came together and really connected.

This is a band to listen to in the pensive moments, the moments where it's good to be with your thoughts and not afraid to consider the full spectrum of this thing called life. It was an honor to exchange some questions with Frank Wiedemann about the project, and even more of an honor that he gave us these answers!

How has the reception been thus far to Howling’s debut? It seems
like this album was all sorts of beautifully unexpected!

Frank Wiedemann: The best thing is that a lot of old friends reached out to me and told me that they heard the album and really liked it. It's so good to get this feedback from friends who are not connected to the industry so that you feel like have a solid basis.

Can you tell us how your project Howling came together? My understanding is you both were worlds apart!

Frank Wiedemann: True but we met and figured out that we share the same musical influences and at the same time been at kind of the same turning points in our lives. That brought us together.

What are your favorite tracks on the album?

Frank Wiedemann: This question is a bit as if you'd ask a father which is his favorite child... Can't really answer this as there is a story behind each song for us.

As it appears each song is very unique in of itself, does each song have
its own creative journey in the studio?

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Frank Wiedemann: Each song has been created at a special place for us. On tour, during rehearsals, in studios somewhere in the countryside, each remind me of the moment it was recorded.

What does the group Howling stand for exactly?

Frank Wiedemann: It feels like there are some very deep core values at play here. We just like to do music together and not pushing it too much, just let it grow naturally. Not to do anything because you'd be expected to do so. Both Ry and me have been having weird experiences with expectations in this industry and just trying to not follow those.

What do you hope the listener takes away from this powerful album?

Frank Wiedemann: Having as beautiful memories with it as me while creating it with RY.

What will the Howling live tour be like?

Frank Wiedemann: We try to present our music differently than on the album, and different depending on where we play (club, venue, festival etc). Also we collaborate with Children of The Light from amsterdam to have a light installation on stage which completes the show for us.

Aside from Howling, who should we be listening to?

Frank Wiedemann: You should always listen to a lot music from different genres as it expands your mind. I just found a very early record from The Scorpions (a band I'd normally not think of listening to) which is almost Krautrock. Surprises are everywhere so keep on searching!

Any parting thoughts or words of wisdom?

Frank Wiedemann: Find out what you love and try to do it!

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