Jaust Beautifully Destroys Genre (Album Review)


Jaust came into the public eye last year in July when he released his first single Feel the Smoke Rise and has been hard at work putting together his first full-length release ever since. On May 19th, he released his self titled LP, 'Jaust', to the world and has destroyed the term genre in doing so.

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Jaust is a native of New Zealand and has grown up around music composition and music writing all his life and after moving to NYC in his early 20’s, full immersed himself in making music. Creating music for commercials, video games, art, you name it, gave Jaust the tools to explore and create new and unheard soundscapes. This self titled record is a vision of those experiences put together.

From the get go, the first track Night Falls featuring spaced out vocals from Shada Shariatzadeh brings the listener to the realization that this album is going to be a journey. We Need A New Life featuring James Dean Wells grabs your attention with guitar riffs underneath an upbeat synth rhythm. It has the feel of a Kavinsky tune, but with a great vocal melody brought by Wells that sets itself apart. The heart of the album is where Jaust’s talents really shine through. Feel the Smoke Rise and Free are my favorite tunes here and give the listener a glimpse into just how eclectic and genre-spanning Jaust can be. Feel the Smoke Rise starts off with fast paced, mechanical rhythm and robotic vocals blended with a clap beat that flows into lofty synths and a massive sounding string sample. Free has a worldly sound of foreign language singing and an almost Middle-Eastern vocal chorus. This, combined with a choppy snare and kick, makes for a fantastic tune.

Throughout the album, there is an almost industrial feel to the basslines and snare rhythms; and at the same time, Jaust manages to create a soft, emotional feel to the synths, strings and vocals. These kinds of combinations are what make this album something unconventional and fresh to the electronic scene. Every song seems to have a different character and identity and thats what I love about it. Im very interested to see what the future holds for Jaust and his growing individuality. Cheers!

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