Lights Down Low Make Bold Statement. Replace Ten Walls With Mykki Blanco

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The uproar a few weeks ago against the egregiously intolerant homophobe Ten Walls was loud, furious, justified, and noble. The story has all but gone cold and Ten Walls' career is deservedly a joke, but now is the time where the dance music community can truly do something more than tweets, updates, and blog posts.

Let me draw your attention to the California underground ravelords Lights Down Low. They had Ten Walls booked for a very big live show along with Jimmy Edgar. Everyone in the area was excited about it. Then bigotry reared its ugly face. Without flinching, Lights Down Low immediately removed Ten Walls from the event.

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It was a very appropriate and pretty standard response. This next move, this is where Corey Sizemore and Richie Panic of Lights Down Low go above and beyond to support their scene. Deciding to forgo a night of top notch techno, Lights Down Low has booked Mykki Blanco as the replacement.

For those needing an education, Mykki is an extremely talented rapper who identifies as transgender and multi-gendered. He also courageously opened up to the world about his HIV positive status recently.

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Mykki is a pioneer in his own right as a rapper who fully embraces who he is. He is not to be defined as a queer or gay rapper, but at as a true rapper in the greater hip hop context. He freely raps about who he is as a person uncompromisingly and beautifully.

Ten Walls is hate. Mykki Blanco is love. Let's increase the love. - Richie Panic

What does this all mean? Lights Down Low are not trying to make a statement, but they wanted to find a perfect replacement to increase the love and support for their community in the San Francisco party scene. Come as you are and bring positive vibes and love.

We all can send tweets condemning hate on twitter or quickly like a Facebook status with the same message, but after the tumult and outrage dies down, it is important to really think through your values. Think about what you might be able to do to go beyond merely saying something. What can you do to support the communities and people that you love?

The show will be taking place in San Francisco on July 31st for anyone looking to attend. You can purchase tickets here and get more information here.

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