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Lithuanian President Responds To Ten Walls And Homophobic Rant

Lithuanian President Responds To Ten Walls And Homophobic Rant

Although the media backlash has for the most part died down, articles continue to trickle out about homophobic comments from Lithuanian producer Ten Walls. Pulse Radio noted that his Facebook "Likes" have skyrocketed (image below) over the past few days, which is surprising because there was no doubt countless people who "Unliked" his page and deleted his music.

While this happens quite often in the case of controversy, it's disappointing to see an artist gaining more of a following after such an incident occurred. This could be from those who share his beliefs, or on the other side of the spectrum those just wanting to see what he does next.

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In other news, The Lithuanian Tribune recently reported on comments made from the Lithuanian president Dalia Grybauskaitė regarding the incident. This puts the entire incident into perspective, and shows that the story went well beyond just dance music and was on the attention of those in charge. You can read her comments below.

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Dalia Grybauskaitė: “I believe the incident benefits the state in a way that, in this country, we are becoming more and more open in our discussions about how insular we are, our intolerance of people who are different, as well as homophobia. I believe discussions are a healthy thing, we need more of them, as the sooner Lithuania becomes more open and more tolerant, the better it will be for the country."

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Although this incident was hurtful to an entire community and a disgrace to dance music, it's worth looking at the positive and realizing that like the Lithuanian president says, these discussions are healthy and have helped educate countless people about the roots and importance of the LBGT community in the genre.

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Lithuanian President Responds To Ten Walls And Homophobic Rant

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