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Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast & Interview: Cristian Varela

MAGNETIC Magazine Guest Podcast & Interview: Cristian Varela

The man who co-founded Pornographic Recordings with techno don Marco Bailey steps up to the plate for Magnetic Magazine's latest exclusive podcast. Not only that, he was also kind enough to answer some questions for us regarding the 15th anniversary of his record label, his inspirations, and of course his DJ career.

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1. How and when were you first exposed to electronic music?

MY big Brother was dj before me, when I was 10 years old. I was studying the piano career and I fell in love with the electronic music the first time when my brother brought me a cassette with Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre.

2. Who do you consider to be your musical inspiration for producing & DJ’ing?

My inspiration allways is from big composers like Hans Zimmer, ennio Morricone or James Newton Howard.

3. Name one tune that you feel represents electronic music as a whole.

Let your body learn - Nitzerebb

4. Your record label, Pornographic Recordings which you co-founded with Marco Bailey is currently celebrating it's 15th year anniversary. What is the story behind how Pornographic Recordings was started?

In 2000 we was producing in one of the best electronic labels Primate Recordings and allways making huge sales with our releases, then we decided to create our own label to produce our music on it.

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5. Can you list three tracks from the Pornographic's catalog that you feel best represent the aesthetic of the label.

Ratexo - Umek
Pepperon i- Cristian Varela - Joseph Capriati Remix
Infected - Marco Bailey - Cristian Varela Remix

6. What do you have in store for the future of the label?

Amazing Remixes are coming!

7. Let's talk more about Cristian Varela. How would you describe your sound to someone that's never heard you DJ before?

Just deep, powerful, elegant and very groovy

8. Being from Spain, you've built quite a solid reputation for yourself not just there but more specifically in Ibiza. Where can one find you this Summer in Ibiza?

Everywhere! ;) in Space with my brother Carl Cox, Sankeys with the amazing Reverse events, Blue Marlin, Km5, Privilege, La Belle Ibiza, Hard Rock and of course every Tuesday's in my radio show at Ibiza Global Radio

9. When can we expect you back in the U.S.?

Very soon!

10. Lastly, thank you for putting together an exclusive mix for us here at Magnetic. How did you go about putting together this mix?

I mixed a very special set exclusive for you!

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