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Matthew Dekay Drops A Dreamy Set At Vinyl In Denver


To me, there is nothing better than summer in Denver. Hiking, fishing and hanging out at the park with friends on a sunny day is hard to beat, but Saturday, June 6th did just that. It was the second of a series of rooftop parties at Vinyl and featured the sultry sounds of Matthew Dekay from the All Day I Dream label. The week prior, fellow label mate Lee Burridge kicked off the rooftop summer and was an absolute blast! This was shaping up to be another evening of fantastic friends, house and techno.The music kicked off around 4 in the afternoon with Night Supply duo

The music kicked off around 4 in the afternoon with Night Supply duo Keepers. first up on deck duties. The weather was a little overcast and there were a few sprinkles here and there and Keepers. played right along with it. Nice, dark undertones with slow, melodic beats brought me into the groove.

As the weather started to clear and the sun started to peak through the clouds, the rhythm started to pick up pace and the two really brought the heat! More and more people started to trickle in as Keepers. were finishing up their set and Seifhaus resident bTsunami came on stage. Flowing in seamlessly with some groovy tech sounds, bTsunami progressed the evening into full party mode. What was supposed to be around an hour and a half set turned into an almost two and a half hour set as Matthew Dekay’s flight was delayed. No complaints here though, as bTsunami held his own and also the crowds attention throughout the set with lovely progression through all kinds of Detroit house and techy beats.


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The sun was sinking behind the skyline as Matthew Dekay finally arrived and was rushed to the stage. His intro went along perfectly with the dying light, playing slow and emotional drawn-out synths that lead into a steady house beat. Piano and sitar samples blended over an upbeat bass line and this had the entire room moving. From there, the night only got better. The dance floor was packed with smiling faces getting down to some of the best techno and house music around.

The clouds again began to roll overhead and it started to rain as Dekay got into the heart of his music. The feeling of the rain on my head, the amazing music playing, and the wonderful group of friends is hard to put words to other than simply wonderful. Matthew played a fantastic mix of emotional sounds and melodies with undertones of bouncing, tech house.

As the rain finally subsided, Matthew began closing out his set. I was so entranced I barely realized that almost six hours had passed since the rooftop party began! Even though Matthew wasn’t able to play his extended set, he packed an amazing amount of energy into his music for the entire time he was spinning. The locals Keepers. and bTsunami helped to make it one of the best afternoons of dancing I’ve had in a long time time. A fantastic day to say the least and Im excited to see what the rest of the summer has in store! Thanks for reading and, as always, Ill see you on the dance floor.


Check out a b2b set between Matthew Dekay and Lee Burridge! Definitive All Day I Dream!

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