Mixfader: The Mobile DJ's Bluetooth Solution

Mixfader cover

‘Bout time!

This year’s been a drag for gear releases, plain and simple. Last year we saw heavy hitters like Landr, the Kontrol S8, and Flow 2.5 software before we even hit the halfway mark. Fret not though, Mixfader’s new gizmo promises to revolutionize the way people DJ… hopefully for the better.

The unit looks well-crafted, and unless they somehow fuck up the only moving part on the unit, I’d imagine the fader itself is on-point. The inherent flaw with wireless anything is latency, but with only 5 milliseconds of delay between action and reaction, the Mixfader should perform flawlessly on its own, but should probably be benched for serious scratch sessions.

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Quick list of features:

- Battery lasts up to 10 hours, charges in 25 mins
- Silver-aluminium finish
- Near-weightless (.2 lbs)
- Bluetooth and mini USB connectivity (USB maybe only for charging?)
- Dedicated application available on the App/Play store
- Advanced bluetooth technology limits latency to ~5 ms

Mixfader’s pulled in an impressive $110,000 (double their initial goal) from their supporters thus far, and they still have another week to go. Check out their kickstarter here!

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