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"No One" Can Beat Golden Features

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Golden Features has been on a tear since his debut single "Tell Me" inspired producers the world over with its mystifying sound design. Here is the rare producer who came onto the scene with a clear vision of their sound: building potent compositions, and drenching all of their elements in globs of murky reverb and atmosphere, unearthing new emotional undertones within the tracks. He made his live debut on his home continent at HARDstraylia, continuing to define his sound with a set of SoundCloud remixes including this ace Porter rework.

In many ways, his anonymity and musical confidence remind me of how ZHU first stepped onto the dance music scene just a couple years ago. His latest track "No One" provides some monstrous deep-house set material and leads off anticipation for his XXIV EP, releasing later this year right before he crosses the pond into the US for LA's Hard Summer. I have high hopes that his set might be a mighty, triumphant celebration, finally introducing him to America, much like ZHU's unforgettable day-one sunset performance at Hard Day Of The Dead last year.

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