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This One Image From Skrillex Will Change Your Perspective On Life


In the past five years, Skrillex has become one of the most globally recognized names not just in electronic music, but in all genres of music. He started his own label, created a brand around the OWSLA and Skrillex name, and inspired countless artists with his diverse style of dance music. Long before that, he was a struggling musician like so many others.

I remember seeing Sonny perform with From First To Last in the closing weeks of 2005, screaming and singing his lungs out on stage to maybe 200 people in Portland, Oregon at The Hawthorne Theatre. Flash to April of 2006, and that number was more like 2,000 while opening for bands like Fall Out Boy and The All-American Rejects.

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While his role in that project fell apart, mostly because of multiple vocal surgeries that forced the band to cancel a handful of tours, this led Sonny to dabble in his own production and eventually creating Skrillex. In a recently resurfaced image, we see just how real that change ended up being from 2007 on Myspace to a Tweet sent in 2011.

In the initial message, Sonny touches on his desire to just snap his fingers and play to 15,000 people in Australia, something that was not possible at the time for From First To Last. In 2011, that exact feat was accomplished under the Skrillex project when he played Creamfields in Sydney.

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Read the message, and understand just how much can change over the years when you dedicate yourself to something. Sonny's journey in From First To Last to Skrillex was anything but expected or normal, but he went from playing small crowds to helping bring electronic music and initially dubstep to a more widespread and global audience. The image was posted four years ago, and now 15,000 has grown closer to 150,000 in that time.

This One Image From Skrillex Will Change How You Look At Life

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