Premiere: IAMX Releases Daunting Vocal Anthem Off Upcoming Album

(Premiere) IAMX Releases Daunting Vocal Anthem Off Upcoming Album

Chris Corner has been around the world and back again these past 20 years. The British musician originally got his start as a co-founder of the genre-defying group Sneaker Pimps in the mid 90's, eventually moving on from that and forming IAMX about 10 years later. Originally starting in London, Corner has now branched the art and musical fusion towards Berlin and Los Angeles, working with keyboardist Janine Gezang and constantly expanding his sound.

IAMX will be releasing album number six this year, going by the name Metanoia and already creating a major buzz amongst his fan base. We were fortunate to get involved with the project and helped premiere the first single from that release entitled "Happiness." The song itself is an emotional journey through daunting synthesizers and immersive vocals. Lyrics that feature Corner searching for happiness, battling his anxieties and expressing them over tantalizing instrumentations.

At the song goes on we get background vocals from Gezang, schizophrenic synthesizers, and closing moments that pull influence from an industrial techno sound. You can listen to the song now for the first time, and also hear about "Happiness" from Corner himself below that.

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Chris Corner: "Happiness was the last song to be recorded. The album was pretty much complete, but I felt something simple and fundamental was missing. The irony being that the afterthought became the first single. One of the symptoms of depression is an addiction to rumination. The vicious cycle of negative thinking that strips us of energy and desire. It is precisely our obsession with working out what makes us unhappy that makes us unhappy.

In this case, my own preoccupation with corruption and hypocrisy in the world is a recurring theme that is very difficult for me to let go of. Writing about it becomes part of my therapy. All songwriting is therapy. This is just a little more specific. Happiness describes a period in my life when I couldn't let go. When I lived in Berlin and fell into a dark hole that took me two years to get out of."

"The sound is uncomplicated electronic. A drum machine, some sequences and sound fx. I wanted to give the vocals and the message the room to be understood and also to return to a way of production that you hear in my earlier IAMX work. My heart is often torn between purely electronic and purely acoustic music, that has lead to a mutant hybrid which I guess you could call the IAMX sound. I decided with this record to push further towards the electronic.”

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