Premiere: June Miller Delivers A Metal Influenced Drum & Bass Anthem


Gentleman!!!! ...BRACE

If that intro doesn't make you assume the fetal position - I don't know what bloody will. This almighty jam is the audio version of Gladiator - thrilling, demanding and so intense that the sweat you break out in will reek of bass.

Mark McCann and Bart van Dijk have forged a gleaming EP dubbed, ‘Robots & Romans’ and promise to unleash it come June 22nd on RAM Records. Cue salivation inducing, drum and bass laced anticipation. Every bit of this album smacks of June Miller's eccentricity, their unique cinematic approach and their heavy, uncompromising style.

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"Brace" is not the title track of Robots & Romans, it's not the first track or the final track. Hell, it's not even on the album (it is - I'm exaggerating for dramatic impact). But it was Magnetic's track of choice because plain and simple, it has some serious freaking hit.

"With Brace we wanted to go way over the top and create that kind of Braveheart atmosphere, of course we had to show our metal/hardcore background by adding some guitars in the intro."

Let's be frank - "Brace" is not the kind of tune you listen to whilst taking grandma for a shop on a Sunday. Don't listen to this anywhere in public or where families gather...when the Braveheart bits wind up and deliver, you will make a sex noise.

So get polishing up your breastplate, find a moshpit to destroy and as the boys say, brace - because Robots & Romans is gonna kick your castle door in.

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