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Premiere: This Remix Of The Acid Is Like Odesza On Tranquilizers

Premiere: The Acid Go From Dark To Darker Via German Producer Luka

Over the past year, we have fallen in love with The Acid. The three-piece group channels emotions from across the world, combining the haunting vocals of Australian singer RY X with instrumental work from California based musician Nalepa and British record producer Adam Freeland. Together they create a visceral and noir sound, catching the attention of the world with their debut album Liminal.

The track "Ra" was a clear standout from that release, opening with haunting acoustic guitar and crackling soundscapes that set the scene for enrapturing and honest lyrics. Now on the verge of The Acid playing their Red Bull Sound Select show with Young Magic and Lord Raja in New York on June 16th (RSVP and purchase here), we have teamed up with the band to premiere a heartfelt and minimal take from rising German producer Luka.

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Stemming from Hamburg, the young talent has been catching traction with songs like "Fault Line" and his now somewhat famous Tumblr blog, known for its introspective black and white images. Now he has given "Ra" a new direction, and we could best describe it as Odesza's music after taking a handful of tranquilizers. It kicks off with that bright and bubbly sound that made the Seattle duo so popular, but with a much tamer approach.

Utilizing vocals from the original, he instead tucks them much deeper behind watery synthesizers and mystical drum work to give the song new life. It's perfect for a rainy day, or even a lazy summer afternoon while taking in the world around you. Steam the song now for the first time, and get a taste for a new face in electronic music.

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