Promoters Purchase An Entire Island For Throwing Parties

Promoters Purchase An Entire Island For Throwing Parties

2015 is turning into the year that everyone comes up with crazy destinations for festivals and events. Secret Solstice revealed they were throwing the first rave in a glacier as an offshoot to their festival, hosting 70 lucky individuals with performances from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Artwork. Secret Solstice also dropped a $200,000 festival experience for two people, which catered to the adventurous and luxurious type.

This involved eating lunch inside a volcano, playing golf on a 100-foot private yacht, and aerial tours of Iceland. Now in more recent news, the Uk promoters behind Unknown Festival have literally purchased an entire Croatian island. They are looking to take destination events and parties to an all new level, leaving behind the traditional club and festival setting and trying something different.

The island by the name Obonjan is located near Sibenik on the Dalmatian Coast, and they've partnered with Croatian company Gratiosus with the hopes of creating "the world's first curated entertainment tourist destination." Seems like they are trying to one up Ibiza, and host music festivals and events starting in 2016.

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Promoters Purchase An Entire Island For Throwing Parties

From Sound Channel (Music Week Interview): "We've been working on this project for three years which has given us time to carefully refine our ideas," says Sound Channel’s own Dan Blackledge. "Our vision for the island of Obonjan is to regenerate the island and turn it into a truly unique concept, combining art and music, wellness, sustainable living, amazing food and drink and fun and creative accommodation, all on an idyllic island paradise."

Project promoter Kristijan Gržetić added: "Croatia till now is recognised as a destination for families, and this project will put it up there with world trends, as an urban and modern destination."

Croatia itself has become a buzzing location for electronic music, allowing many UK promoters to extend their reach and throw festivals like Unknown, The Garden Festival, Stop Making Sense, Dimensions Festival, SuncéBeat, and more. Goodness. So trek to Obonjan 2016 anyone?

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