Self-Distribution Vs Signing To A Record Label: A Guide from DCC Studios

Self-distribution vs Signing to a Music Label: A Guide from DCC Studios

Our friends over at DCC Studios have put together a guide for new music producers looking for the right channel to release their music. They created a post outlining the pros and cons of self-distribution vs signing to a label, and we think many of our readers will find what they have to say both interesting and informational. You can read a snippet of the article below.

DCC Studios: "If you are making music and would want to get out and let other people hear it, the traditional route has always been to get record label or company to do it for you. Oftentimes, when an artist is signed to a label, it would usually be assumed that he is worth hearing. Record labels and companies usually have strict filters in place and they don’t just accept any artist or producer. You have to be something special to be able to get signed into a label.

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If you believe getting signed to a record label is quite not right for you and wish to have more control over the your music, digital music distribution certainly is your best do-it-yourself route. This option allows you to distribute music to your own liking, and for a charge, you get to have added services like marketing and trend analysis from the digital distribution platform."

Read more on what DCC Studios has to say about music distribution here.

DCC Studios is a company that specializes in various music production services. You can check out other informational posts on the DCC blog and see what they have to say about the music industry and all sorts of production topics.

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