7 Things We Love About London's Nightlife



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There is so much to do in London that if the nightlife wasn't up to scratch, we'd all be down to the West End watching the cities billionth rendition of 'Cats' and 'Phantom of the Opera' on the theatre.  But we're not are we and here are the seven reasons why:

The Smoking Area.

I say it time and time again but this is the place in clubs where the real connections to strangers are made.  Lighters are shared, cigarettes are rolled, deep conversations are had.  The smoking area is constantly over run with people for a reason and it’s because everyone has a story to tell.  I’m not saying everyone wants to hear that story but that doesn’t stop most people.  Now, just to be clear I'm not condoning smoking- it's awfully bad for your health kids- because in all honesty, 50% of the people sitting in this area do not smoke, they're just sweating loads and fancy a random chat to a stranger.

The Photographs

Even if you want to forget about the night before, your mate will have solid evidence on their phone.  Although in London everyone is super attractive, as soon as the cameras start flashing in the clubs everyone believes they are 100% more attractive than they truly are. Please see the photo of me below for a tame example.

11262934_10153333615434383_625788780_n (1)

Bathroom Friendships

Perhaps this is reserved for the females, but I’ve made best mates with toilet attendants before even if it was just to get a lollipop.  But nothing bonds humans like the hatred for somebody taking hours in the toilet whilst you’re literally desperate.  Bitches be bursting YEAH!  What is so good about London clubbers, is that the girls constantly attempt to occupy the bathrooms in groups of two and above.  It’s not allowed… but we will die trying.

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Bouncer Banter

There is nothing better than trying to make a bouncer smile especially because the ones in London are very stern.  There he or she is, trying to look hard and angry when deep down you know they wish they could rip off those hi-vis jackets and start grinding.  It’s especially easy to make them laugh during the awkward moment of being searched as you enter the club- an accidental nipple graze is funny to everyone, it just is…

The Music

Goes without saying really.  This is why we have all gathered at the club in the first place.  We all have a shared love of the music.  We may differ on politics, hygiene standards and fashion choices, but all of that stays at the front door.  I have included a classic track by Ms Moudaber as an example.


The Moment When it Drops

The music calms. Everyone is itching.  Excited looks are cast across to everyone around you.  Then BOOM the music drops and the room becomes electric.  There is nothing like it.  London is especially good for this because we are impatient which makes the atmosphere super tense.


Watching Everyone Commute to Work the Next Morning

Oh that painfully beautiful moment when everyone is rushing past you in their suits and you’ve literally just walked out of the club at 7am.  London is the biggest business city in the country and try as you may, it’s difficult to avoid crossing paths with the professionals.  It’s the point at which you reach the height of paranoia and question the civility of your life...

... but then, who needs civility when you can have these seven things instead?

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