Shia LaBeouf Freestyle Rapping In The Woods Is About To Go Viral

Shia LaBeouf Freestyling In The Woods Is The Greatest Video On The Internet

A few weeks back, a video dropped of Shia LaBeouf relentlessly telling everyone to "Just Do It." It quickly was dubbed the greatest motivational speech of all time, then became a meme and went absolutely viral. Now something else has appeared that is so much better than all that and it has completely won the Internet.

This is about to go viral, so watch now and enjoy what is the most amazing thing we've seen in a long time. Shia Labeouf with no shirt freestyling in the woods to a crowd of people rocking a full rat tail. He makes references to shoes, 2Pac, and how Jewish he is, and we can't stop watching.

That's right. Shia has mad bars, and now we are just waiting for him to drop a fire mixtape and change the game of hip-hop. From Holes to this, and we couldn't be happier. And if you want a refresher on how the Internet responded last time, you can watch a compilation of that below. We can imagine the same thing will happen this time. In Shia we trust.

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