Watch: Smash Mouth Singer Flips Out After Someone Pelted Him With Bread

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Damn. The week just started, but apparently the 90's have returned in full force. We haven't heard the name Smash Mouth in years now except for the occasional nostalgic walk down memory lane to bump "All Star," and now they have returned for the wrong reasons. At an event called Taste Of Fort Collins in Colorado, Smash Mouth was playing because apparently they couldn't get anyone better.

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Keep in mind this is a family event during the day, focusing on music and beverages in an outdoor setting. They probably thought Smash Mouth was a nice tame choice of booking, but that all went terribly wrong when someone decided to throw bread at Steve Hardwell (who is not actually Guy Fieri). Maybe the fan thought it was Guy Fieri and wanted him to try a new bread recipe, but either way things went south.

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He went on a NSFW rant straight out of the 90's, telling the person to come on stage so he could beat the shit out them. Remember when Smash Mouth was in the movie Shrek? Maybe that's why they got booked for this. It was not like Shrek at all, and there are many children scarred for life now. They kept trying to play "All Star" and eventually they did, but not before the great Smash Mouth bread incident of 2015.

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