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Spotlight Review: The Vype Vape Pen

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Spotlight Review: The Vype Vap Pen

Here’s what the Vype vape pen offers

The Vype vape pen is relatively new on the market -- it was introduced back in October 2014 - and it's sold with the tagline 'Vaping made simple." What makes it so simple? Let's take a look in a little more detail.

The manufacturer likes to highlight a few features - the no-spill cartridges, two different power settings, and a variety of colours and flavors. Yet there is a bit more to it than that.

Like all Vype products, the Vype vape pen (also reviewed here) comes in a neat and tidy acrylic case. Inside is the 650mAh rechargeable battery, two ePen caps, a hygiene mouthpiece cap, and the USB charger.

The Vype ePen has an oval shape which looks distinctly unlike the other e-cigarettes you'll find on the market. It's covered in a soft touch rubberized material which makes the Vype easy to hold, and the 650mAh battery produces about 5-6 hours worth of use. Unsurprisingly, the battery threading only fits Vype cartridges.

There are two power buttons on the ePen's battery, which provide two voltage settings. You press and hold the 'single arrow' button for less vapour or press and hold the 'double arrow' button to get more vapour. Simplicity is the focus here -- the Vype ePen is meant for customers switching from their cigarette-like range or new vapers -- so there's no indication of exactly what the different voltages are, and reports are that the higher voltage does not significantly change the flavor. There is also a 3-click on-off function which comes in handy.

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Spare parts are available for the ePen. A spare battery is always a good idea, most vape users recommend having one in rotation so you're never caught short by a dead battery.

Out of the box, the Vype pen comes with two cartomizers / cartridge refills (Blended Tobacco flavor) which Vype calls Refill Caps. They aren't refillable and use a cartomizer design with the atomiser built into the cartridge base.

The cartridge is designed to fit within the 2ml maximum for regulations and uses an anti-leakage design, even a fair bit of handling will not spill the liquid.

Once you screw the cartridge onto the battery, you fit a sleeve over the end which has a hole (you draw through this hole). The sleeve both helps keep things hygienic and finishes off the look of the Vype pen.

Refills are available in three-packs with three different flavor options and one strength of nicotine available.

As to customer service and returns, the Vype vape pen is covered by Vype's 28-day return policy so customers can return it for a refund within that time if they aren't satisfied. Vype also offers a toll-free telephone number in the UK for support and service, as well as support via email, Twitter, and Facebook. Additionally there is a live chat system on their website which customers can use to get their questions answered.

Overall the main goal behind the Vype ePen is to produce a plug-and-play experience for new vapers looking for something that has a little more power than a cigarette look-a-like. The design is such that it is extremely simple to use, so there's no excuse not to switch away from cigarettes. It's also designed closely to conform to possible future regulations on vape pens, so there's no concern about it going off the market for legal reasons.

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