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Wolf + Lamb Producer Tanner Ross Attacks Writer With Abusive Rant

Wolf + Lamb Artist Tanner Ross Attacks Writer With Homophobic Rant

It was only a few weeks ago that the media stormed against Ten Walls for his homophobic rant, which likened the gay community to another species and this was only just the beginning. He was dropped by his touring agency, countless festivals, ended up canceling all upcoming shows, and lost the respect of his fan base. It seemed the dance community would have learned a lesson, but it seems that was not the case.

Ten Walls Dropped From Major Festivals After Homophobic Rant

Wolf + Lamb producer Tanner Ross recently took to Twitter to slam Resident Advisor writer Andrew Ryce for a negative review on the new Jamie xx album In Colour. That is his opinion, and his job as a journalist to state how he feels about music. Tanner Ross took this rant to unexpected levels when he started dropping abusive and sexually suggestive comments against Ryce, which you can read below.

Mat Zo And More DJs Repsond To Homophobic Comments From Ten walls

The tweets were initially kept private until Ryce found out from Twitter that this didn't meet their definition of abuse, prompting him to post the full attack publicly. It's a shame someone would be so careless so soon after a major incident like Ten Walls, and we have no respect or tolerance for these types of comments or slams toward journalists and their opinions.

Soul Clap just announced he will not be performing or attending Crew Love in Barcelona. This was also announced by Wolf + Lamb on Twitter, and will probably not be the final backlash for this incident. Tanner Ross apologized on Twitter to Ryce and admitted his comments came across as homophobic, also stating that he is the farthest thing from a homophobe. He continues to backpedal on Twitter, but the damage is done.

Tanner Ross:

"I was doing my dissertation at Fabric with Craig Richards before you came in someone's ass"

"like.... I feel so cool reading it. Can we rub our dicks together and go to Creamfields"

"Must felt so cool to give Jamie xx a bad review. What was it like? Did your dick get super hard?"

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"How hard did your dick get Andrew? Seriously I love a good hard dick"

"My anus is dripping right now"

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