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The Chemical Brothers Speak Out Against EDM, Release Video From Glastonbury

The Chemical Brothers Speak Out Against EDM

The Chemical Brothers have been making crowds dance for over 25 years now. The Manchester duo has seen styles change, trends come and go, and of course the mainstream rise of dance music towards EDM culture. They've had the benefit of being veterans, and truly getting to watch everything unfold and develop before their eyes.

Listen: Hear A New Single From The Chemical Brothers

Now on the heels of releasing their eight studio album Born In The Echoes on July 17th, The Chemical Brothers have shared their thoughts on the world of EDM. They call it "alien," speak on everyone playing the same sound, and why it would be soul-destroying to have a residency in Vegas.

You can read the full interview with The Guardian here, where Tom speaks on their new live show, upcoming tour dates, and how Ed won't be around due to his interest in academic pursuits. You can also watch a breathtaking clip from their Glastonbury set below, which includes paint and bouncy balls galore.

On America And EDM:

“We played in America recently and every record sounded like Benny Benassi. I know that sounds like your dad wandering into Top of the Pops and saying it all sounds the same, but it did all sound the same. There’s just one feeling: very triumphant, very celebratory. We like the sense that you go through different experiences.”

“The one-dimensional sound is quite effective but it doesn’t seem to have that magical, transporting quality. But if I was 18 in Orlando and I’d just finished my exams, maybe it would. I don’t know.”

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"Pie chart music."

On EDM And Vegas Residencies:

“Can you imagine? Not your archetypal EDM DJ look. If we really wanted to we probably still could but I think it would be soul-destroying. It’s a mad old world, that world. It does feel alien.”

On Playing Without ED:

“It’s heartbreaking, really. It’s really strange. Rehearsing it today, I was looking over and expecting Ed to be there.”

On Requests From Brands:

“Generally it’s going to a club with a phone, and doing a gig with your phone on, and being on a phone. They wanted to use our music in an advert, but we would be driving a car or something."

“The music’s the best bit of us. Have the music! You don’t want us trying to sell you a phone.”

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