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The Do LaB Releases Woogie Weekend's Grooved Out Lineup


We love our friends over at the Do Lab. Their crazy, innovative minds continue to amaze us with unparalleled talent, visual artistry and a sense of community unlike any other. As if Coachella and Lightning in a Bottle weren't enough stimulation for your senses, they've decided to launch a new installment -- Woogie Weekend. Yes, it sounds as good as its name, paying homage to the dream like LIB stage. Taking place at the birthing grounds of Lightning in a Bottle, Oak Canyon Park will transform into a stellar dreamland infused with an energy so vivid, you'll never want to return from it.

Lightning in a Bottle: A Transformational Experience For Newcomers And Veterans Alike

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Get ready to move your body in ways you never thought possible, thanks to one of the most badass talent rosters we've seen this season. Familiar names such as Autograf, Francesca Lombardo, Gigamesh and J.Phlip tantalize the mind while the thought of dancing under the stars to the beats of Moon Boots, Lee Burridge, Oliver Nelson, Pumpkin and Rufus Du Sol are literally sensory overload.

woogie weekend

Head over to the Woogie Weekend site for tickets and more information.

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