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There's Now A Dating App For Music Festivals. Make It Stop

There's Now A Dating App For Music Festivals. Make It Stop

Of course there's now a dating app for music festivals. That's just the way our society is going. For years it was all about dating websites that were advertised all over the Internet and television screens, promising happiness and telling you that 1 in 5 relationships started with these sites. It got excessive, but then it got even more excessive when the phone world picked up on this.

Dating websites got taken over by hookup apps like Tinder, and now "swipe right" has become one of those most common phrases of 2015. Now there's a new Dutch start-up called Glance, which pretty much just summarizes what people do on Tinder. Glance, and then on to the next one. The catch phrase "Glance before you dance" might be catchy, but is it all that necessary?

What happened to the phrase "Just Dance?" Now we have to glance before we dance? It's all about just diving in on the dance floor and seeing what happens. We already have apps for people of all religions to meet, including hobbies like drugs users and farming. Now it's the music world's turn, and while other companies have been working on a "Tinder for music," this is not exactly what they had in mind. Their intention was swiping right on music. Not people.

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There's Now A Dating App For Music Festivals. Make It Stop

From app designer Jeron Jochems: "Glance connects you to likeminded people attending the same festivals and club nights as you. Discover events near you, attend to see who’s going and anonymously like to break the ice. If someone likes you back it’s a match and you could go together! Bye bye awkward dates with people you have nothing in common with. Hello event driven dating,” seems to be making waves amongst the Dutch festival circuit with a slew of positive comments on its iTunes page."

Glance has already teamed up with Amsterdam-based music festival Buiten Westen that features names like Guy Gerber, Claptone, and Darius, so soon enough we will know if the app actually has any real potential. Regardless, we have a good feeling people will be rocking this at Coachella 2015.

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