This Is The Most Un-Burning Man Thing About Burning Man Ever

This Is The Most Un-Burning Man Thing About Burning Man Ever


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Over the years, Burning Man has gone from a fully underground hub for music, culture, and expression to an event that is delving deeper and deeper into the public eye. It's become a hub for CEOs at companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Uber to get away and brainstorm, with notable attendees including Mark Zuckerberg and even P.Diddy (with a pink umbrella) over the years.

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The roots of Burning Man are still there, just buried underneath more layers of VIP bull shit as opposed to the playa dust of Black Rocky City. Neither one is great to breathe in, but at least the latter has an air of accomplishment and endearment. Like you've achieved something from surviving another treacherous trip to the desert, but within that is a certain sense of success and notch on your belt.

Now let's focus on the title of this article. Burning Man is known for being a money-less hub for trade, community, and friendship, using the main resource that fuels our world and tosses it to the side. For Burner Air, their thing is kind of the complete opposite.

This Is The Most Un-Burning Man Thing About Burning Man Ever

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For between $1,000 and $3,000 round trip (depending on your place of departure), you can fly from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Reno and be at your campsite within minutes of arriving. If you want to book the entire plane round trip, that will cost you anywhere between $5,000 and $27,000.

No desert filled drives, no drenching sweat while stopping for gas, and no over-heated engines. That's kind of what separates Burning Man apart though, and stepping into a glamorous VIP and private plane defeats the whole purpose. "How was the trek to Burning Man dude" says one CEO. "It was amazing," says another CEO. "Small bottles of water, champagne, movies, and massage chairs."

The life right? Apparently Burner Air thinks so, and the whole "The journey is the reward" mantra gets tossed right out the window of your Cessna. They aren't the first to take this route, but they're definitely taking it to another level and really going for the gold.

Don't expect to gain any respect from any fellow OG burners by telling them how you got there. In fact, probably just lie and brag about driving for over 20 hours. That will sit much better with everyone that sweated their ass off and waited in line for prime camping.

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