This Is What Happens When Ravers Take Over Disneyland (Photos)

This Is What Happens When Ravers Take Over Disneyland (Photos)


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Disneyland is known as the ultimate place of family fun. The mecca for young kids who spend their nights dreaming of that next family vacation to California. It's got everything. Candy, rides, real-life characters from the movies you watched, and terrible lines that are just adventures for little kids.

Beyond that though, Disneyland is the place where ravers officially meet once a year to celebrate their adult lives with childish activities. That's right. It was the 14th annual Summer RaverDay on Saturday, and you can probably guess exactly what goes down. You don't have to because we have pictures, but the words raver and Disneyland together immediately conjure up everything we could show you.

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It's the parents waiting all year to finally make it to Disneyland with their kids and realize that they somehow didn't plan their trip around RaverDay. They hold their kid with one hand and say "Little Timmy. Don't you ever turn out like that." It's a peaceful event though, and a time for PLUR to meet headfirst with Splash Mountain and spinning tea cups.

It's a time to give one of your 1,000 pieces of kandi to those with less or no kandi, and spread the raver mentality to the entire world. Check out some pictures below from VICE, and get a taste for just how PLUR raver day really is. Raveland 2015 in session.

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This Is What Happens When Ravers Take Over Disneyland (Photos)



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