This Is What Happens When You Bring A Confederate Flag To A Festival

This Is What Happens When You Bring A Confederate Flag To A Festival

Earlier today before the gates opened on opening day of Electric Forest in Michigan, the general atmosphere was one of excitement and a spirit of adventure. This was the case for most people, but one festivalgoer learned the hard way what happens when you intentionally try to draw a rise out of other people.

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Confederate flags have been a controversial subject this past week, getting removed from stores, games, and offices, often seen as a reminder of racism and holding on to the roots of the Civil War and slavery. One South Carolina police officer has already been fired for posing with Confederate flag boxer shorts on social media. There's been a massive uprise to have them disappear from American culture completely, so it's not surprising that many were not happy when someone strutted through the grounds carrying the flag.

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A fellow camper confronted his choice as he proudly boasted the Confederate logo around Electric Forest, leading to the debate and eventually getting punched in the face. He was reportedly undeterred by this event, apparently muttering the phrase "was born trill" as he soon after is seen posing for a picture. It's a hot topic right now, so avoid anything to do with confederate flags this festival season along with Indian headdresses and don't be an asshole.

It's one thing to have an opinion and keeping that at home, but when you push that in the face of other people trying to have a good time, you are taking it too far. It's clear from his willingness to take this picture and "trill" speech that this guy was intentionally trying to cause problems, and there's no place for that at music festivals. This dude is the furthest thing from trill and deserves to have his face plastered across the Internet.

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