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This Is What Morgan Page Used To Sound Like

This Is What Morgan Page Used To Sound Like

I was going through my old vinyl the other night as I’m starting to whittle it down before I move (vinyl is heavy and takes up a LOT of room) and I started finding gem after gem.

I began digging through some of the unorganized stacks and I found an early Morgan Page record, I mean really early stuff. This inspired me to start a regular series of posts comparing old stuff to new stuff, especially early works of producers that are still popular.

I personally love the housier side of EDM, especially the really deep and melodic techy stuff. So it was really nice to find a piece of Page’s work from this era as he was all about that sound.

The production on Lonely Night is just amazing, even compared to his contemporaries at the time. The sound is bright and full, mastered to perfection and it is even better on vinyl - no compression.

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I hope you enjoy this little golden nugget from Morgan Page’s catalog, I think it still holds up quite well. It’s interesting to see what a dramatically different and MUCH more commercial sound he has now. I would sure love to hear him knock out some records like this again.

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Morgan Page - Lonely Night EP - Fiji Records (defunct) - 2001

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