Watch: This Might Be The Most Badass Moment In Concert History

This Might Be The Most Badass Moment In Concert History

As the years go by, artists and DJs are doing whatever they can to spice up their performances. Steve Aoki is known for this, constantly throwing cakes into the crowd and diving into rafts. Others have choreographed dances, or in the metal world things like asking for a wall of death or circle pit. In reality though, the best moments are the ones that are completely unplanned.

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At Pinkpop Festival in Holland this weekend, David Achter de Molen of the band John Coffey started doing something that at first was nothing out of the blue. Jumping towards the barrier, he then climbs up on the hands of the audience and propels himself upwards to get the crowd pumped up. What happens next though just changed the game forever.

Out of nowhere, we see a beer in a plastic cup getting thrown from what looks to be 100 feet away, flying directly towards the hands of the singer. Like a reflex, he moves his hand about a foot to the right and catches the beer. He then proceeds to chug the rest of the beverage and tosses the cup behind him. So punk. So badass.

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The festival is finishing up today, and featured select electronic artists like Avicii and Above & Beyond. Watch the video below, and enjoy just how amazing this really is. The Internet is already responding with their own versions which you can watch below the original, and this thing is going viral fast.

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Posted by V2 Records on Saturday, 13 June 2015

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