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Top 10 Drum And Bass Tracks Of The Week - 6.12.15 Chart


Ibiza booked (I'm no turncoat- Dnb Tuesdays - they're a thing). First festival under the belt. Anticipatory (albeit pointless) tube of suncream purchased. Yesssir, summer is gearing up and the tunes are getting heavier and heavier. The quality of drum and bass output so far this month is absolutely bubbling over and you can bet if I had access to a barre, I would be dangling in celebration next to that small child in the image above. So check it out - we got sacks of it...jazz dnb, vanilla dnb, chill dnb - and my speciality - put the shits up you dnb...

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“Dreadnaught (Phace Remix)”
Shogun Audio

Sucker for an Icicle track, especially one with a gnarly name like this bad boy. Phace is quickly gaining rep for being absolutely bad ass in my book.

And another thing - please go here and listen to the Proxima Remix of Icicle & Mefjus' Isolation. So so good.

Shogun Audio

These boys...speak to me with their stuff...and that's as deep as I'm going to get here. The bass line on this is what can only be described as a hurter.

RAM Records

Latest belter from Dimension. Dark, hard, dirty, the creepy dude from Troglodyte saying the song title over and over again (which just means straight 'machine' in German by the way) - I know I don't need anything else! The drop at 5 minutes is pretty effing exemplary though and well above and beyond the average call of duty.

“Eli Eli (Maduk Remix)”
Liquicity Records

To witness the power of a remix, take a gaff of the original track before chowing down on Maduk's version - so much more massive.

“Glitterball (S.P.Y Remix) “
Sigma ft. Ella Henderson

Ella Henderson is to drum and bass as umbrella is to Pina Colada - all the better for having it stuck in there!

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“Optimum Trajectory” 
Rido and Mefjus
Blackout Music NL

Mefjus and Rido represent everything that is good about drum and bass. The pace, the effects, the beat, the bass - a second drop worth throwing down over. I realise this style ain't for everyone but in my world, it's a beautiful, beautiful thing...

DJ Marky
Innerground Records

DJ Marky, another Brazilian dnb ledge, throwing up something a little more lighthearted to keep the mood sweet ahead of his 3 hour set at Fabric this weekend.

Eastcolours ft. MC Fava
Demand Records

Deep summer vibes courtesy of MC Fava - but with enough murk to maintain sufficient filth and keep the punters happy.

“All Blue”
Halogenix ft. Cleveland Watkiss

The description on the label reckons 'soulful and introspective' and with jazz man Cleveland on hand, this is hitting all the cues...

“Falling 4 U (Mob Tactics Remix)”
Devyn Rose

Won't be employing mob tactics to get you stomping around here. No sir. Devyn Rob is giving it heaps with her vocals and the boys are giving it pace with their mix. No swimming with the fishes for this lot!

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