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Top 10 Drum And Bass Tracks Of The Week - 6.17.15 Chart


You heard the lady, turn all the other shit off - it's drum and bass time and I want your full and utter focus. Now is not the time to mourn the tragic closing of Plan B in Brixton - a venue that celebrated the dingy, the grimy, the dnb and all the rest of the underground genres. Now is not the time to sulk over the news that legendary label, Renegade Hardware, are shutting it all down after 20 years of being proper dnb ballers. Let's celebrate the silver lining.

Renegade is holding one final goodbye fling in February next year and the likes of Fabric, Fire and Electric Brixton continue to run and offer up sticky floors to lose your shoes on in a night of spasmatic skanking. Dnb is alive and kicking and if you want proof, just take a geez at the offerings below and consider yourself lucky to have discovered the magic that is this music! Long live the bass and the drum!

I'll calm down now.

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"Chain Of Strength"
June Miller
RAM Records

This will be heading up the Beatport charts shortly - mark my words.

“Cold As Ice”
Gun Audio

It is said that patience is a virtue - and if you can handle hanging around for the drop on this then you will be greatly rewarded (as well as one virtuous maf**ka).

Enei & Kasra
Critical Music

Feed your greed! Enei & Kasra, Kasra & Enei, chicken & egg - I don't know who comes first but you're already winning if you're listening to this beat.

“Why We Lose”
Cartoon ft. Coleman Trap
NoCopyright Sounds

Sugar there's a reason why we lose - decent male vocals not of the MC variety at large in the dnb arena here! Pumped up, synth perfection.

"Swag (Audio Remix)"
DC Breaks

RAM Records

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Even if you're lacking it (which you are not, I assure you) at least you can listen to it! Audio pumps the swag levels sky high.

“I Don’t Need”
Riya ft. Break
Spearhead Records

As the first vocal hits you, it becomes brutally clear that this is a tune worth listening to. You do need.

Dexcell ft. Louisa Bass
Spearhead Records

I've liked the lady ever since the release of Keeno's 'Frozen'- one of my all-time favourites - and Louisa Bass doesn't let me down here either. A nice team up with the three lads of Dexcell, this is a beauty.

“Beyond The Bounds”

One-third of Ivy Lab is bringing it solo with this tranquil little hummer.

Maduk, Jess, Low5 and T:Base

Maduk mixes the kind of liquid I can get down with it - always beautiful, always with feels.

“Paranormal Roller”
The Upbeats
Let It Roll

Big compilation release here from the patrons who bring you Let It Roll Festival - this particular track is as saucy as you might expect when it's called this, and it's from these guys. Legends.

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