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Top 10 Drum And Bass Tracks Of The Week - 6.29.15 Chart


The magic number of these charts is generally 10 - but  everything I tried to rustle up is too new, too hot, too unreleased...So in honour of that, there are two bonus tracks included today as this week as I feel like I owe you all a bit more! A little sumfin' sumfin' if you will.  Hooray! Enjoy the extra sprinkles on your dnb sundae kids, and rest assured there is plenty more where that came from...

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“Hot Blooded”
Rene LaVice
RAM Records

Bit of a waiting game to track down a link for this one but good things take time!

Kove ft. Moko (Kove’s Reesey Lover VIP)

Kove is good, Moko is good, VIP's are generally good. My review of this song...awful. Ah jokes, it's GOOD.

Shogun Audio

It's the underlying hum on this track that got my attention amidst four brilliant tracks on an EP of the same title. It's the first time I've seen and taken time to consider the phrase 'musically-led D&B', but it sums these offerings up quite nicely. Mini-mix here if you want it!

"Rainbow (Original Sin Remix)"
Modestep & The Partysquad 

Although Modestep are described as an electro-rock hybrid band, the addition of Original Sin here rockets this track into the dnb stratosphere...

"Electrosoul System"
8th Dimension ft. nClear
Med School

Killer assembly of blip, baps and ting-tings from the Med School magic cupboard.

“Paper Faces (Ivy Lab Remix)”
Lenzman ft. Martyna Baker

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Sabre, Stray and Halogenix - with names like that you'd want to produce some kick ass music to live up to the hype. And oh they do...

“Lowlife (Maztek Remix)”
C4C Recordings

Italian producer Maztek goes in heavy with a neuro twist.

“Cardiac Arrest”
Smooth ft. Rhymestar
Viper Recordings

Try to not play favourites usually but this is epic! Number 1 this week, hands down. With allusions to Pendulum in the intro, then a straight morph into a paint stripping, pants ripper.

"Sex Sells”
Phace & Misanthrop
Neosignal Recordings

The sex is selling it alright - pure sauce, straight stomper!

“Not Letting Go”
Matrix & Futurebound remix
Tinie Tempah & Jess Glynne

Something a little light hearted to go out on - right boppy piece of work for your guilty pleasures box.


Mob Tactics
Viper Recordings

Unreleased exclusive track from Viper Recordings Presents Drum & Bass Summer Slammers 2015 right hurrr...can not wait to get at the 33 other (mostly exclusive cuts) on this album when it drops on July 5th.

"King (Culture Shock Remix)"

This is a proper tune but it seems to have mysteriously disappeared off the internet - excepting a guest appearance on the Skank and Bass Facebook page....which coincidentally I urge you to check out anyway!

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