Top 10 Indie Dance Tracks - 6.25.15 Chart


Well, indie dance lovers, Magnetic's Top Indie Dance chart is back at it! Diverse and fun, all smiles and good vibes with excellent musical selections to dance your way right into the weekend. Whatever you like to do, all I ask is that you dance. Move your body and have some fun, nobody is watching, and so get weird with this week’s Top Indie Dance selections!

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”Save a Prayer (Lesonic Remix)”
Dirty Vegas
So now I say to you, get lost in this mystery. Lesonic wants you to move your body. Just exist in that moment and work it out. Here he works wonders on with the vocal modulation, subtly adding an epic depth to it. Oh yeah!


Exploited Ghetto
This song is mysterious, so I’ll let Exploited’s description do the talking: “Received this demo in our inbox. Googled the artist name but couldn’t find anything. Producer didnt want to give any hint but said this was made for us. What should we do? We had to sign it. Old friend Hannes Bieger mixed it and now it just bangs.”


”Nite Rite Five”
Animal Language
Here we have a funky, funky freak fest. Get weird with it and get after it, that’s the subtext of all of this I imagine. A song to just vibe out to, let yourself go and love your moves. There is a magical disco animal alive and thriving in this song, so good on you Mason for bringing this beast of a creature into reality!


”Get Up, Get Down”
YesYou feat. Kane Mazlin
Oh boy! The songwriting here is top notch, and then the groove kicks in and it is absolutely funked out. I can picture the perfect rooftop party with scantily clad hipster chicks wearing oversized hats and appropriately matched males dancing about the party. So, yeah, this is that type of a song.


”Insides (Roman Fluegel Remix)”
Fort Romeau
Spectral Sound
Now here’s a remix with some teeth! Getting after it, the master Roman Fluegel takes Fort Romeau on a dark adventure into the shadows. What they are fighting, that is anybody’s guess, but it feels very true detective and certainly the light will be winning. Also got a great Vangelis vibe in the epic synthwork!

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GLACCI & Hasta
Dream trap? Is that a thing? Well, GLACCI & Hasta I think just made it a thing! It posses a wonderfully evolved video game inspired quality with great vocal chops. This song is liquid cool with a devilish grin.


”The Truth (Eric Sharp & Tenova Remix)”
Mansions On The Moon
If you have something to do today, then you better buckle yourself in before you press play on this tune right here. Now, if you don’t lock yourself in while you listen, you are going to float up to a groovetastic party on a cloud watching a beautiful summer sunset. Eric Sharp & Tenova really outdid themselves on this remix. The perfect song to fall in love to! Just one more thing, eat your heart out to what Lessthan3 thought of this tune!


”Two Minds”
Mercury Records
Can Nero’s next album come out already? So much teasing with all these singles! This album is certainly a heavyweight contender for highly anticipated albums of the year. With a softer side and a harder edge, it’s Nero doing what they do best, absolutely crushing that dancefloor.


”808 Iraq”
Boys Noize & Tiga
Boysnoize Records
Yet another beauty from the long overdue collaboration of Boys Noize & Tiga. They kept it “100” earlier this year, and now they go in with “808 Iraq.” It gets dark, down and dirty with a cinematic quality to it. This is a great song to blast at full volume under the hot hot heat of the summer sun.


The Magician
The Magician dazzles with a dash of future house in his latest opus. Bright and full of positivity, it’s everything you expect a Magician track to be. So, don’t fight the magic, move with it!

Mix of the Week

Lamache Fabric Promo Mix
The Toi Toi resident Lamache drops by Fabric to deliver one hell of a mix! It’s got weirdness to it that’s going to stick to you in all the right ways.


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