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Top 10 Indie Dance Tracks - 6.4.15 Chart


This week our top indie dance chart has plenty to work with. Bold remixes, even bolder originals, and a few tracks with more than enough magic. Prepare for the groove to be in full force in these selections in a variety of ways. It's going to build you up, break you down, and of course put you back together again, that is just the way the goodness of the groove works in this humble writer's opinion, that is if it is working correctly. So, as I advise all the time, safety first and stretch it up, you will find it hard not to dance to some of these. Now, you read all that, and clearly you are ready, here we go with our top indie dance selections of the week for June 4, 2015!

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Okami Records
Here is a bit of a ballad with a strong duet that evolves and emboldens. Crywolf really caught my attention here. Not afraid to bring the bass with a touch of grace, Crywolf is striving for something special in this track, and even in closing it out, he still keeps innovating.


"I Had This Thing (GENER8ION Remix)"
There have been quite a few strong remixes of this track and GENER8ION's contribution may be the best. So good in fact it is the soundtrack to Louis Vuitton's autumn/winter 2015 fashion show, so not only does it sound good, but it's classy classy high society. I wonder if Kanye is a fan...


"Groove Agent"
Nicolas Hannig
Indiana Tones
Nicolas Hannig is not your ordinary musician ladies and gentleman. Nicolas Hannig is a man with a license to groove! Here is a song that gets the people going and plasters a smile on your face. Here is a track that's going to bring out the best in you, and by best, I mean the most killer dance moves you've ever danced. So, be careful and don't slay too many hearts out there getting after it.


"Activate Me (SNBRN Remix)"

It's June so in the northern hemisphere the world over, it's pretty much summer everywhere, and so a little bit of sunset house is absolutely necessary. SNBRN declares he is a fan of ASTR and this is the first time I can really hear a remixers passion for the original artist. Full of love, care and excitement, all the best things a fan can bring to the table.


"The Velvet Slide"
Shiny Objects
Om Records
Shiny Objects, aka Om Records label founder, has worked up a ghostly tune here that haunts and floats along with a strong synthline. Prepare for goose bumps while you groove.


”Be Together”
Major Lazer ft. Wild Belle
Mad Decent
This week saw the release of the first of two Major Lazer albums we will receive this year. The lead track which features the vocal talents of psychedelic pop group Wild Belle. Diplo has a unique skill of bringing the best out of female singers, and here it is again doing amazing things to lead off his groups next album. It's a solid song whose slow pace and subtly tragic songwriting that sets the perfect tone.

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"The Fall"
Kidnap Kid
FFRR Records
The song starts with a foreboding atmosphere, and a lingering sense of something large approaching. You don't know if it's a monster or a hero, but it's big. And just when you thought it might be a creature, BOOM, it's a fall! A long fall expressed in sonic form. Layers upon layers at play here that work so well if isolated and considered in of themselves. Now, when these layers are fuse harmoniously, it's a track chock full of the best of Kidnap Kid's talents.


”Secret Garden Party”
Benga is back! He took a breather for a minute after Magnetic Man ended, but now he's back and clearly eager to rip up that dancefloor. This track is an absolute belter and it will smack you up, down and all around the dance floor.


”Hot As You Want”
Lane 8 ft. Solomon Grey
Another single off of Lane 8's new album 'Rise' arrives, and it's heavenly. Full bodied and airy, Lane 8 yet again unleashes with a track that spreads its wings and soars. The lyrics speak of pain, but there is a beautiful elegance that only inspires joy. There can be beauty in the breakdown.


”Julia (Soulwax Remix)”
XL Recordings
If you ever thought Jungle couldn't get any better, well now you can KNOW that they could get better. The gods of soul and wax known as Soulwax have pulled up their sleeves and got down and dirty with remixing duties on Jungle's "Julia." The groove is alive, the vibe is even aliver, and the end result is dance music that is just the best of everything in life itself!


Eric Prydz’s new video for “Generate”

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Catz N Dogz On Deck for Thump
OOOOOOOOOOOOOH The catz and the dogz delivered a mix you have to hear right here!

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