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Top 10 Techno Tracks Of The Week - 6.21.15

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Top 10 Techno Chart 6/19/15


The "Wow" signal. Are aliens amongst us?

Hey Magnetic Magazine readers and lovers of all things techno! I am back to share the top 10 techno tracks that I have been jamming out to recently. In case you haven’t seen it yet, we shared a video of what a needle looks like while reading the grooves of a vinyl record. I thought it was pretty bad-ass that the creator of the video put in so much effort to capture this almost magical phenomenon. I will definitely think about it the next time I put a needle to a record. So allow me to essentially do just that. Here is the top 10 techno chart!


Luiz Crux
To start things off we have a track from an up and coming producer, Luiz Crux. Out now on Ruiz Sierra’s Egothermia imprint, this is the title track from his Freak EP. It’s a nice deep tech house shuffler, great for getting the mood set for the rest of the night.


Luke Xander
[Creed Records]
This is another debut release from an up and coming producer out of Dublin, Luke Xander. Souled is the first release for Luke Xander on Creed Records and the name of this dubby track. It has a nice groove with plenty of synth stabs to perk up your eardrums while the bass hits you in the center of your chest.


Christian Cambas
This track is intense and in your face. Christian Cambas pulls out the big guns and aims them straight at the dancefloor. Screeching leads and V12 drums keep the energy going full throttle as you tumble through the fog of war.


“Let Me Think About It”
Yado Atiz
[Evolution Worldwide]
This track comes to you from Athens’ own Evolution imprint. This is the closing track to their latest Warehouse #002 compilation and Yado Atiz has decided to lighten the mood a little. The bubbly melody and cheerful vocal samples give the track a youthful peppy feel. It is like being turned into a child again, singing and playing in the park. Only now the park is a packed club (or warehouse!) with pumping bass and strobes.


Tom Hades
[Recode Music]
This is the “b-side” of Tom Hades’ latest two track Turn Around EP. The pads that lay hidden in the background rising and falling in pitch are just like an urge trying to be stifled. You know you want to, but you shouldn’t, and it is only a matter of time before you let go and give in. You can’t put this fire out because it has to burn out on its own. So dance around the flames.

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“Rhythm Box”
Danny Daze
Get ready for this hypnotic clockwork techno track from Danny Daze. It is one of two bass heavy stompers that make up his latest Dual EP, out now on Ultramajic. “Rhythm Box” is a hypnotic workout that will stretch your body and your mind out on the dancefloor. I hope the AC in the club can handle the heat this one will generate.


“Beyond Apollo”
Marco Bailey
“MB Elektronics”
Marco Bailey drops this bomb as a part of his Beyond Apollo EP. The thundering drums, delicate melody, and sweeping effects will send your mind careening around the sun.


Secret Cinema, Enrico Sangiuliano
Out now on Adam Beyer’s heavyweight techno label, Drumcode, I present to you a single from the long awaited A-Sides Vol. 3 compilation. This is a massive compilation that features artists from all over the techno spectrum. This track caught my ear because of the different stabbing synths used for the melody on top of that super heavy beat.


“Nice Shades, Wesley”
Matt Lange
This beastly track is Matt Lange’s contribution to the 4th installment of Mau5trap’s We Are Friends compilation series. The fluttering leads and glichy vocal stabs create an electricity that will make your hair stand up.


“Return To Mono”
The incredible Pig&Dan are back for this installment of the techno chart! This time they have a three tracker on Bedrock titled, 4Play EP. This selection features grinding, glichy, dubbed out stabs that will perk you right up and get you on the dancefloor. Then they drop down the hammer and push you into a full force groove.

Thanks for tuning in this week! Below is the full playlist for your enjoyment. See you next time!

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