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Top 10 Techno Tracks Of The Week - 6.4.15

Top 10 Techno Tracks Of The Week - 6.4.15


Photo Credit: The Source - Toolroom Live

Hey Magnetic Magazine readers! Welcome back to the techno chart! I want to say that Mat Zo’s “rant” (it is more of an expose or lecture) on twitter is long overdue. It makes me feel like I have been duped by yet another corporation pushing their products. Zo has gotten a lot of people involved in the conversation about the current state of “mainstream” electronic music and I highly suggest you check it out if you haven’t yet.

This could be a turning point for the electronic music industry but it will only happen if we as consumers stay educated on their practices and demand respect for artists and ourselves.
But I know you all clicked on this link for some techno (and tech house!) so put that in your back pocket just for now and lets enjoy the top 10 techno tracks of the week!


“Pressure (Stefano Kosa Remix)”
Victor Vera
[Unity Records]
Getting things started we have a heavy techno roller remix from Stefano Kosa that was released along with the original single by Victor Vera and another remix by Dani Sbert. Super dark and dank, this track will have you feeling like you are in a warehouse even if you are on a yacht. The hypnotic percussion, haunting effects, and, of course, pounding bass truly bring the pressure.


“Do To Me”
Sonic Future, Fancy Inc.
[Zero Eleven Music]
Fresh from Brazil’s Zero Eleven Music imprint, Sonic Future and Fancy Inc have collaborated to release their Hot Spot EP. This is the second track off the EP and it has a serious groove with solid percussion and vocals that will have the booties bouncing.


“Teased (Fractious Remix)”
The Southern
[Consumed Music]
This track is a remix off The Southern’s latest EP release, Teased. It contains two original tracks and 5 remixes of the title track that range from upbeat shufflers to down and dark techno. Fractious’ interpretation is more upbeat with a rocksteady groove and great call and response with the vocal sample and percussive elements.


“One Last High (Tiger Stripes Remix)”
Pleasurekraft, Jaceo, & Vedic
This is a big track off the recently released 3x3 remix compilation on Pleasurekraft’s Kraftek imprint. Tiger Stripes has given the original track a darker paint job, and with the rolling bass line and airy stabs it’s perfect for kicking the party up a notch.


“The Drop (Loco & Jam Remix)”
Balthazar & JackRock
Loco & Jam are back on the techno chart this week with a remix of the Bulgarian DJ/producer duo Balthazar & JackRock. This is a high-octane groover. The vocals, effects, and energetic builds make it great for the peak hours of the night.

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Fabian Argomedo
[Agile Recordings]
“Norteando” is one of two singles off Argomedo’s recent Chakra EP release on Agile Recordings. It is a dubbed out track that has a blooming energy as each layer of effects and vocals is laid on top of the solid groove foundation. This is a good one for building that anticipation at the beginning of a crazy night.


“That’s Me”
Harvard Bass
[Saved Records]
This track comes fresh off Harvard Bass’ newest release on Saved Records, Relocation EP. The bass line on this track has a deep impact that you will feel in your inner ear and chest while the looped vocal provides some nice higher frequency energy. It has a steady groove that will beckon even the shyest wallflower to take a spin on the dancefloor.


Tapesh & Chemical Surf
The 5th installment of Suara’s Kitties Wanna Dance! compilation brings us 20 new catnip-high-inducing tracks to get down to. This particular number from Tapesh & Chemical Surf delivers tons of bass, steering away from the standard four-to-the-floor kick to add a little more umph at just the right moment of the night.


“The Machines”
Mark Knight, Harry Romero, Chus & Ceballos feat. Cevin Fisher
When three heavyweights get into the studio together you better watch out. For this release, Mark Knight, Harry Romero, and Chus & Ceballos united to form a megazord producer with the voice of Cevin Fisher. These guys have created a track that will not only rattle your teeth and move your feet but may make you think about the future of technology and the human race. I am not too worried though because these guys have made technology their bitch with this track.


“Make A Cake”
Claude VonStroke
The Dirtybird boss is back again with his signature off the beaten path sound. As the electronic music scene grows in popularity, the easiest thing to do would be to create more tracks that sound just like whatever the flavor of the week is. But VonStroke constantly shows that he isn’t afraid to push the envelope with his musical creativity, this track being no exception. The foundation is solid and has a nice groove but the vocals and sound effects are what make this track stand out.  You also have to check out the music video.  We salute you Claude VonStroke!

Here is the full playlist for your enjoyment. See you next week!

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