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Top 10 Tropical House / Chill Tracks - Chart 6.26.15

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Top 11 Tropical House / Chill Tracks - Chart 6.26.15

Get out there and celebrate you love bugs. I want you all to hug as many people as possible this weekend and tell them you love them. I’ve never felt more proud of my country as I do today, we are love, we are united and we will hold up each other. Love always wins, duh.

QUICK NOTE: The full playlist can be found at the bottom of this article if you just wanna jam all the way through! Enjoy


"Above The Clouds Of Pompeii (Oliver Lindberg Remix)"
Bear’s Den
It’s time to roll the windows down and let that warm breeze make a mess of your hair. Sunburns are turning gold as the setting filtered sun and songs like this make us realize the beauty even more. The serene strumming summer days naturally turn to vibin shoeless dance parties at night and Oliver Lindberg’s remix captures that perfect balance brilliantly. The uplifting folky vocals of Bear’s Den mixed with the beach house tone brings out the smell of bonfire and taste of beer and beautiful lips.


"Out Of Luck (July Child Flip)"
Ady Suleiman
This is UK summer soul. The poetic passionate “Out Of Luck” by velvet voiced Ady Suleiman out of Nottingham, UK tells the story of a struggling upbringing in crisp flows over blinking piano and a soothing beats. By the hands of London duo July Child the bounce of this remix brings his vocals out even more and the glowing synths and deep poppin bassline gives it that extra spoonful of surge and urge.


"Heard It Through The Grapevine (Patrick Lite Remix)"
Marvin Gaye
What would it sound like if Marvin Gaye played a concert on the Phantom of the Opera’s spaceship is what Patrick Lite was probably asking himself when he designed the blueprints of this bumpin remix. The synthscapes come in all shapes and sizes in this electro organ driven chiller and I love it all. The engines warm up as Marvin Gaye leads us into the chorus and once it’s all built up there is no turning back. Patrick Lite continues to impress me and the scale and depth of this track should perk a lot of new listeners’ ears. He goes darker than his more melodic blooming works as of late and I appreciate his constant evolution as an artist.


"Rumour Mill feat. Anne-Marie & Will Heard"
Asylum Records
Brilliant production from UK collective Rudimental is no stranger to our ears but when paired with the soul churning vocalists Anne-Marie and Will Heard we are given a four minute glimpse of true beauty. This duet is gorgeous in a very natural way that never tries too hard, making it all the more alluring and catchy. The beat pulses like any Rudimental song but it pumps the brakes on big sound, instead allowing the vocals to climax and layer on each other in an unpredictable sexy way.


"Something About You (Ben Pearce Remix)"
Hayden James
Future Classic
You are flying on the dancefloor, flashes of your friends blurring past in your peripheral vision, footwork and movement locked tight with the song. There is nothing else...until. Until you find those eyes. They are wild in the same way as you, free, and without skipping a beat they move in for the kill as yours do the same. The moment when it all connects, when you find the unison, that moment is what we all hope for. I haven’t yet had the chance to experience this song on the dim lit dancefloor but I certainly know that feeling and Ben Pearce’s remix evokes all these images of seductive symmetry. This is a deep house garden that is blooming and blossoming with every click and beat and I want you all to find that flower.


"Low Pressure (Falqo Remix)"
Wild & Free
RIS Labs is brewing something big at the label and with each release and remix package they are catching the ears of listeners and respect of the blogosphere. Wild & Free’s Los Angeles chill house sounds are good for the soul but thanks to Falqo’s remix it’s good for the summer scene. I don’t think Aussies even know what winter is despite it being the season right now, and it shows in his music and uptempo vibes.

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"Vapour Trails”
Bag Raiders
I just wanna know, what do you see in the picture for this song? I see two things but one more predominantly; no matter what though I think they all live in the same land of paradise. Leave your answer in the comment section. Bag Raiders always puts out salty beats and late night treats but this track is an especially beachy little number full of bouncin cheeks potential. I’ve seen them in only board shorts at a festival in the sand and at a late night secret warehouse party and both times with the Aussie duo have been brilliantly buzzin. It’s been a minute boys but hell, worth the wait. Gimme that album!


"You Were Right"
Sweat It Out!
Tropical penguins wearing hawaiians, there’s your image. Let’s round out this trio of Australia’s finest with RÜFÜS debuting the first track off their upcoming album. They wrote it while back home and the lifestyle brand of this great country has never had a better 2015 anthem to keep the whole world remembering that Aus is what the hummingbirds are humming about.


"Who You Really Are"
Gaarden & Coots
The coral riffs on this sax laden shoreline are sharp and will cut you up when riding these tasty barrels on Gaarden & Coots’ melodic original for The Dancing Pineapple. This is the first original exclusive for TDP and it will make you want to punt your computer monitor, unbutton one too many buttons and run outside kicking your shoes off in a fit of joy.


"Escape (ft. Emile Adams)"
Roche Musique
Zimmer’s mixtapes are the bane of my stressed existence. The well versed French producer has a well curated palette of wide ranging chillers and daymakers but his originals are an ever more rare great white buffalo. This is the first single off an upcoming EP, Coming Of Age and I think this is the one that will really get the listeners.


"Clean Cut (Colour Vision Remix)"
Shy Girls
The haze of a long day relaxing in the sun is captured in the ones and twos of Colour Vision's latest crooning mellow house beauty. The SoCal DJ and producer has been hustlin hard this year, earning spots on the epic Splash House lineup and even an upcoming Your Festival in freakin FIJI! I am so jealous of anyone that gets to experience that magnificence. Check out Colour Vision's stacked slate of remixes that he's been firing off the last few months.

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