Top 10 Tropical House / Chill Tracks - Chart 6.5.15

Top 10 Tropical House / Chill Tracks - Chart 6.5.15


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Hey June, don’t make us sad. Take off your grey clouds and make it better. I could keep going but we have better music to listen to. Well June Gloom may have popped a squat on Los Angeles this last week, but the clouds are melting away and the big beautiful thing that gives me a permanent shade of pink has a residency all summer long. That sun plays the hits, it gets the people going and it certainly makes us all look damn good as we swoon under its glow.

I always use protection whenever I’m enjoying its scintillating heat because it kind of gets around (to pretty much every living thing, minus naked mole rats. Have you seen those things? Here’s a picture). I’m feeling rather limber this week, really got some good stretches in because I plan on doing some legendary dancing tonight. My friends and I are going to Miami Horror (HBD Max) and we’re gonna follow the bouncing disco ball singing along to the synthpop saltydogs. This week was inspired by the groove of yesteryear and features disco, tropical, funk, soul and deep varieties of house music to cover all the bases. It’ll get you partying like a tipsy toucan so enjoy...JUST DO IT!

QUICK NOTE: The full playlist can be found at the bottom of this article if you just wanna jam all the way through! Enjoy


"Friends Of Mine"
Ben Browning
Yellow Year Records
Cut Copy taste without cut copy paste. This is Ben Browning, the bass and good vibe behind Cut Copy and he is here to do him. The band that we’ve all come to love and jam out to like it’s never going out of style has had years of successful albums but it is time for a breather after the ‘Free Your Mind’ tour. Ben loves the music indefinitely, he’s created a signature sound that transcends the group and I am ecstatic that he isn’t stopping with what’s comfortable. Aussie synthpop was birthed by artists such as this fellow and its successes and growth deserves the ears and dance moves of the world. Watching him behind the boards and bass just going nuts with the ultimate head bob is always a highlight from past viewings and I can’t wait to see him strut his own stuff come July when he splits off on a North America tour alongside Moullinex.


"Get Freaky (feat. Sugar)"
NDYD Records
Freakazoids unite because we got our anthem. Mogul’s funky fresh tune has all the trimmings of a great day in the sun that flies into an even greater evening. This late night call to that someone you can’t help but want next to you is boiling over with disco delight and steamy connotations. The Berlin artist has a brand new EP featuring some delicious vocalists and a loving light to make the summer shine even brighter.


"Into the Wild (Radio Mix)"
Nora En Pure
Enormous Tunes
Nora En Pure makes the kind of music you wanna bring home to your parents. A sweet soul, gorgeous but well put together and that sexy something to gets the winking approval of your father. ‘Into the Wild’ marks the clouds burning off and the sun peaking through on Nora’s summer sound. Its a great welcome for an artist that not only values a lush and light sound to her deep house productions but embodies the ethos of living beautifully.


"Holding On feat. Gregory Porter (Gus Pirelli Disco Mix)”
Disclosure’s first track off their album isn’t even cooled off yet and they already have a simmering official remix. The vocals by the great Gregory Porter (who by the hand ofClaptone and Disclosure is getting major dance music kudos) really lends to the disco groove tudes that Gus Pirelli is laying down. This natural progression is a beauty and Guy and Howard’s praises on it just shows the type of collaborative and open gents these two are becoming.


The Twelves
The Twelves are back and riding in strong and smooth to the beat of the setting sun. The Brazilian duo have been absent for a hot minute but thanks to the brand spanking new ‘America 4’ mix by Kitsuné we have fresh tunes that are worth a good stretch for those dancing muscles. The digital disco dreamscape that this song evokes rides on the back of deep synths, some brazilian bongo flava and a groovin electric guitar. This is definitely a slice of chill electronica that you’ll want in your late night arsenal.

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The soft water lapping up the sides of this vessel greets us and Tourist confidently sets us on his ride to wherever feels right and happy. Damn does this track feel right and damn am I happy. It’s always the best to give gifts to friends for no reason at all and this is William Phillips present to all of us from his looming album. His most recent track ‘Holding On’ has that pop appeal but ‘Waves’ has that feel appeal, allowing you to escape to somewhere unchartered but comforting that all is going in the right direction. This album will be huge for William and all of us.


Tom Misch
Summer breeze blowing through the windows on a warm summer night, driving around for no reason in your hometown with your best mates and a clutching hand to hold is where ‘Home’ and Tom Misch takes me in his newest preview of the much awaited ‘Beat Tapes 2’ EP. I listened to this one while enjoying the full moon, and between me and his guitar I think we did a pretty authentic job howling at the big beautiful thing. Tom continues to show us what an artist should and can be with unwavering vocal and guitar progressing prowess and impressive producing and mixing talents. No frills as an artist, just doing his damn thing...respect.


"Figure Of Speech"
Detroit Swindle
Freerange Records
The bop is better than the boop or the beep. Its that soulful blip that when done right and mixed into a housey groove can overwhelm you. Detroit Swindle is making their way to my summer favorite soundtrack (thanks to our new London correspondent Rosie) and it’s leaving me so satisfied that I want more. Does that even make sense? It will when you listen. THis disco deep house has a shuffle that you can’t even try to coordinate, it just moves through you beat by beat, song by song. I’d love to see them do it up live soon, that’s for certainly. There are EPs and albums galore to cannonball into this weekend so you do that. What’s that Shia? Oh...JUST DO IT.


"Girls On Film (Julian Rodriguez Remix)"
Duran Duran
There is just something about the 80s and 90s that is inherent in the summer sounds of today and Julian Rodriguez’s deep house redux of this smoke filled dancefloor megahit brings us back in all the best ways. The original guitar riff on top of his clinking beat and spacey sound works us into wild dancing Carefree Bears. This is my favorite Duran Duran track and hearing someone succeed in remixing something so perfect makes me want to dance all night. Anyone playing a 1:00am set time needs to throw this into their mix and watch the people build into a frenzy of footwork and nostalgic bliss.


"2 People"
Loving the low pitch hushed vocals on this strummin housey heatwaver. Newcomer Hugel struts his stuff in the sun with some bangin piano chords and metallic effects on top of deep organlike basslines all of which are unique but come together well. Stoked to hear more!

Full Chart. Groove on…

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