Top 10 Tropical House/Chill Tracks - Summer Chart 6.12.15

Top 10 Tropical House / Chill Tracks - Chart 6.12.15

Well, I think the general public is getting pretty tropical this weekend, taking a little trip to a place in Costa Rica known as JURASSIC WORLD. Board shorts, flip flips and sunscreen (unscented, the people-eating dinos are sensitive to smell) are all recommended for your visit to Isla Nublar. You might want to pack an extra pair of shorts too, come to think of it. I’m the party captain of the ferry there, ain’t no way I’m stepping foot on that island, and we’re getting the party started with complimentary smoothies and a molten lava mashup of the tastiest tropical house and chill tunes. Rock those Dennis Nedry hawaiians and Ian Malcolm Ray-Bans this weekend and let your footwork loose like a pack of rambunctious raptors tappin their big claws on the dancefloor. BINGO, dancing DNA. Without further ado….WELCOME, TO JURASSIC WORLD….

QUICK NOTE: The full playlist can be found at the bottom of this article if you just wanna jam all the way through! Enjoy


"A Night To Remember (Dr Packer Remix)"
Let’s Celebrate! I know you got a reason, and we got our dancing shoes laced up and double knotted for a night on the town. The funkification of Shalamar’s tasty tune brings the best out of all of us and Dr Packer knows it. He’s brought a goodie bag of all the best bongofied beats and thick and juicy basslines to take the song to great heights. The “get ready” chorus build up of the rework slowly flows into a firework show of good times that deserves the #1 spot on this week’s chart. This is what good feelings are all about and I hope you all find some great people to bust out ferocious dance moves to it with.


Big Beat Records
Days are getting brighter, nights longer and the good vibes stronger thanks to songs by the likes of Dropout. These guys released the record mysteriously a hot second ago and finally walked out from behind the curtain to reveal who was behind this summer cruiser. The trio has been dropping great tracks in our playlists for a minute but this is definitely their breakout tune and a sure fire daymaker for whatever adventure your weekends hold.


"The Sun feat. Graham Candy (Klingande Remix)"
Parov Stelar
Of course Klingande comes flying under the radar in this morning with a fire hearted remix of none other than Parov Stelar. I barely caught it but had to make room on first listen. This is a deadly combo who’s only antidote is jumping up and down with your best friends and kicking out your feet like you were doing beach river dance. The pulsing beat and reverbed vocals of Graham Candy blend perfectly with a mighty string section entree and zippin percussive appetizers creating the feast you’ve been waiting to enjoy this weekend. It’s nice to see Klingande take a break from the sexy sax and expand his horizons a bit. Go forth and make epic dance moves you two-steppin toucans.


"Indian Summer"
Jai Wolf
Foreign Family Collective
Those moments when you look out on the horizon and the vast beauty and natural ecstasy that makes you and all your trials detach and feel small is what Jai Wolf has captured in the just the first thirty seconds of this song. You settle in, you let it all go, your eyes glow wild and the sun and beat burn and drop together. Images of the winding clifftop highway of Big Sur during sunset, flying down a lone road past alien-like boulders in Joshua Tree and the little road I cut down on my drive home along the LA Pacific all come to mind; that’s all you can ask from a song. The eastern pitched up vocals and grand glowing instrumentals roll in like waves to set the adventurous spirit aflame. Jai Wolf has definitely found great company on Odesza’s label Foreign Family Collective, sharing a similar blend of pop appeal and vibrant dance intensity.


"I Can’t Help It (Win & Woo Remix)"
Aer inherently has that SoCal beachy hip hop flow and Win & Woo gives it that polished shine as if Mr. Miyagi was behind the decks – rewax on, rewax off. The repeated chorus is anthem making goodness especially with that guitar layin you down on that poolside daybed with a beauty and a buzz. Its gonna be a great season for anyone riding the Win & Woo wave as their soundtrack.

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"Bright (Lost Kings Remix)"
Its refreshing to hear artists get as excited to drop a track as LA’s Lost Kings were to get this lovely lil something in our ears. And boy golly is it as fresh as a juicy summer peach on a pipin hot day. Echosmith is inherently perfect for great melodic housey varnishes, allowing their vocals to sing out above the fray of their instrumentals. The simple strumming guitar is overlayed with Lost King’s bouncing, blinking beat but Sydney’s voice rides the brightest as it was meant to. I think it’s time that I sit down with these lads and hear what they have to say about the sunshine side of life and their upcoming EP.


"Make Me Float”
A man from Madrid knows a thing or two about making a day party float into the night and then some. DWYR lets the embers glow in this deep house seduction of a track full of up tempo tropical touches and a soulful chorus that will leave you wishing the day would never end. This will get any set thumping and the hormones raging in all the good bad ways.


"Pacing (EZY Lima Remix)"
Tep No
The original is hot out the oven but already has a strong remix by Germany’s EZY that Tep No endorsed on their Soundcloud. The energy is definitely heightened with a hip hop beat and bassline to compliment the hammock swing groove that already works so well. Give this one a go on your sunniest of days and let that cold brew taste even better.


"Love Like Mine (That’s Nice)"
Miami Horror
As I mentioned last chart, I saw Miami Horror this past weekend and it was one of the most fun dance parties I’ve ever partaken in. The band had us pulsating like party pineapples and their energy was absolutely infectious. The Remix EP for hit track “Love Like Mine” is stacked with winners but I chose this one because I love That’s Nice complimentary disco groove and the fact that they’ve worked together with Miami’s lead singer Josh Moriarty laying down vocals on his “Holiday” single from earlier this year. Great things on the horizon for both these artists!


"Lethal Industry (De Hofnar & The Techtives Remix)"
Magik Muzik
Old school Tiësto with a new school pallette. The polished official remix from one of my favorites De Hofnar and fellow Dutchman The Techtives keeps much of the more prominent elements of the original while giving it a blaring visual soundscape that deserves to really flourish with the catalyst of beautiful lights and people. I was immediately taken over by it on first listen and had to share it with the rest of you. Those kinds of immediate reactions are rare for someone who listens to quite a bit of music and I pay my respects to this Dutch trio for coming together for a fantastic reimagining and reinvigorating take on a classic.

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