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Vena Cava: An Inspirational Story From EDC

Vena Cava

When you think about life-changing experiences, what comes to mind? Well if you are an electronic music fanatic and live in North America, Electric Daisy Carnival is definitely one destination that you remember forever. If you've been I know you agree, and if you haven't I'm sure you've heard from fellow friends. It's a Disneyland for adults where each stage is a ride of sound waves.

It's a place where you can meet new friends, or see those you haven’t seen in years. It can be a wedding chapel where you get married, or even propose to the one you love. Somewhere that you can ride a Ferris wheel, or swing in the air like a child again. For others, it's another dimension where they find themselves inspired to reach their dreams. It's a paradise on earth, and we are the lucky ones that get to enjoy it.

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For some, it's not just about that though. Others are inspired to go for their dreams after attending a festival like EDC. For example, we have Ohio native Noah Koroman. From winning the Insomniac Discovery Project last year to getting officially booked in Vegas, it's safe to say this festival has a deep meaning to him. Going by the stage name of Vena Cava, this extravagant producer should be a perfect of example that it's still possible to still achieve your dreams.

With EDM being so mainstream and public, everyone makes it out to be the hardest thing to be a successful DJ/producer nowadays. This just comes to show with hard hours of relentless work and just believing it will happen will make it a reality.

Vena Cava will be performing on the Basscon stage this year at EDC. He prepared us an hour long mix of all types of electronic music in advance, so stream that below and get prepared for Vegas.

1. Rootkit - Against The Sun (Vena Cava Remix)
2. Puppet - Answers
3. Habstrakt - Gimme (feat. Badjokes)
4. Virtual Riot - Getting Real (Tired Of Your Shit)
5. Capsule - Dancing Planet
6. SirensCeol - Nostalgia
7. Vena Cava & MikeeyKrook - ID
8. Speaker Of The House - I Know You
9. Spazzkid - Promise (Suken Remix)
10. Monista - Remove
11. Skid & Hard Rock Sofa - Moloko (MikeeyKrook Remix)
12. Vena Cava - Brave (V2)
13. Darude - Sandstorm (Didrick Remix)
14. No Mana - The Process
15. 3LAU - We Came To Bang (feat. Luciana)
16. Xilent - This Life (feat. Vicky Lee)
17. NIGHTOWLS x Jameston Thieves - Closer
18. Hellberg & Teqq - Air (Mr FijiWiji Remix)
19. Feint - Phosphor (feat. Miyoki)
20. Mako & Madison Beer - I Won’t Let You Walk Away (Vena Cava Remix)
21. Vena Cava - Ohana (House Edit)
22. Snails - VMPR
23. No Mana - Array of Sirens
24. Noisestorm - Surge
25. Deadmau5 & Dillon Francis - Some Chords (Andrei Stephen Remix)
26. Eelrack - Space
27. Karma Fields feat. Kerli - Build The Cities (Rootkit Remix)
28. Kaskade - It’s You It’s Me (Shoe Scene Symphony Remix)
29. Televisor - Alliance
30. Laszlo - Spacewalk
31. Zeros - Red Panda

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