Walmart Is Ditching Justin Bieber And Booking DJs Now

Walmart Is Ditching Justin Bieber And Hiring DJs Now. Find Out Why

Over the years, Walmart has become heavily associated with terrible working conditions. It's consistently been a hot topic in the news, with no shortage of strikes, complaints from workers, and just in general a strange place to shop. The closest store to my house is a Walmart, and there's always an internal battle when considering going.

Walk a few hundred feet and spend the next hour helplessly confused and looking for toilet paper, or drive a few minutes farther and have a normal and convenient shopping experience. That is the Walmart way, and it seems their soundtrack has gone from being terrible to actually becoming a major concern within the company. They recently hosted a shareholders meeting, and this was a burning topic.

From The Washington Post: "The one that seemed to draw the most whoops from the crowd was a pledge to ditch a CD that has apparently been on loop in the stores for months and begun to drive employees crazy. The CD was a punch line multiple times in executives’ presentation to workers, including when a puppet character named Willie joked that being a Wal-Mart store worker was getting dangerous.

When Mike Moore, executive vice president of supercenters, asked why, Willie replied, “One of my fellow associates recently developed a serious eye-tic from hearing Celine Dion’s greatest hits on loop in our stores.” Justin Bieber was also name-checked as one of the singers featured on the notorious CD."

Walmart Is Ditching Justin Bieber And Hiring DJs Now. Find Out Why


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For anyone under 16. These are CDs.

The solution? Wal-Mart Radio, where a DJ will be spinning tunes delivered throughout the store. This magical moment of change is truly a breakthrough moment for convenient stores and chains across the country. Trust me. I worked at Big 5 for years. Hearing the same song 30 times a week can make you lost your mind. "Africa" by Toto is dope, but they ruined it.

Hopefully DJ Walmart can please everyone. We don't want this to be a Burning Man Diplo and Skrillex 'Turn Down For What" moment where the DJ drops a track and everyone revolts. Our biggest question though, is will they drop the track "Wally World?" It would only seem fitting.

Article Source: Washington Post

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