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Watch A Crazy Underground Rave Go Down From 1994


On NYE of 1994, Strictly Underground Records and Ravealation hosted a wild rave at Wembley Exhibition Centre in London. The recently resurfaced hour long video not only gives you footage scenes of the classic event, but also interviews with well-known DJs from that timeframe and those in attendance.

For the older crowd it's a nostalgic trip down memory lane, and for the new school it's a look into the UK's classic rave scene. It shows that although much has changed with electronic music shifting into a more mainstream light and much of the underground straying from its roots, the central idea of the party hasn't lost much of its original spark.

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Watch the video below, and get a taste for memorable moments in rave history. We recently covered a story about The Haçienda in Manchester, often slated as "the place where rave music was born," so this builds on the legendary scene and the influence it had. As a bonus, you can also watch more footage from Wembley in 1995, following DJ Mark Ryder and his legendary sounds.

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