Watch: Dillon Francis Breaks Up Fight At Concert And Calls Out Fan

Watch: Dillon Francis Breaks Up Fight At Concert And Calls Out Fan

Last night in his hometown of Los Angeles, Dillon Francis played a pool party on the Bonaventure Hotel's outdoor deck. The event was part of AMP Radio's Topless Summer series, and brought around 400 guests and winners of their radio contest to watch Dillon and a handful of opening DJs throw down.

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Dillon came on around 9 PM to the crowd's approval, instantly dropping his unreleased "Lean On" remix with JAUZ and started bringing the heavy from there. Then the music stopped around 10 minutes in. Right before fully cutting the audio, you could hear Dillon start to scream something on the mic while the music was still playing.

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It was tough to hear what he was saying, but he immediately cut the music after that and jumped on top of the decks with microphone in hand. Dillon began yelling at someone in the crowd, saying "Yea kid in the white shirt" and "Yea now you're walking away." We weren't able to catch this part on video, but the rest of the incident can be viewed below.

He asks the kid "Dude can you hear me?" and yells "I'm talking to you," before saying "Chill" and "Just chill" about eight times. It got pretty hilarious once he went on his chill rampage, eventually saying they were cool and restarting the show. The music he plays right after is too perfect, sounding like a medieval video game jingle and bringing the chill levels back up.

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We couldn't see what was happening, but multiple reports said it started getting crowded and one kid got a bit too pushy. Elbows and fists were reportedly tossed around near the front of the crowd, allowing Dillon to see everything going on about 15 feet in front of him.

Things ended smoothly, and no further incidents took place after that. You can watch that video below, along with footage of his unreleased moombahton collaboration with Calvin Harris and the aforementioned "Lean On" remix below that.

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Update: After some digging, we were able to get the full video from the crowd.

Dillon Francis Breaking Up A Fight

Full Fight From The Crowd (Video Credit: Jenny Ly)

Unreleased Collaboration With Calvin Harris

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