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Watch: Grandpa Raving Hard To Techno Is Your New Hero

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A few weeks back, we shared an edited video on our Facebook of a grandpa partying hard to big tunes at a festival. We were intrigued and amazed by his impressive moves, and needed to know more about this mysterious legend and what he was actually dancing to. Now it appears his story is going quite viral, with a post recently appearing on the UK site Telegraph surrounding an 83-year-old grandpa by the name of Johan de Vries.

The man lives in the Netherlands, and is revered around those parts as the "Grandfather Of House." Although it seems he likes to diversify in his old age, clearly getting down to some solid techno grooves in both of the more recent videos below. Nothing is slowing him down, and is appears dancing has always been his biggest passion.

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According to a local news report, Johan used to be a ballroom dancer in his younger days, and has now attached on to the dance world where he continues to showcase his unrelenting moves. Upon being asked what he thought about the festival, he casually stated "It's still early. I am waiting for the DJ's who play harder music." You can view two recent videos and an older one below, along with a picture he took with some dedicated fans without the classic pink glasses on.

This is what Dance music is all about. An 83 year old man raving to some wonky Techno at a festival in the Netherlands, without a care in the world! I hope I can bust some shapes out at that age! Follow me on Instagram: dj_dod

Posted by D.O.D on Tuesday, 2 June 2015

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