Watch: How To Build A Home DJ Booth With Ikea Parts

Watch: How To Build A Home DJ Booth With Ikea Parts

Life hacks are awesome. Sometimes they are simple little tricks to making things easier, and sometimes they are a little more complicated. On this most recent video on YouTube from DJ Puzzle, it kind of strays towards the middle ground. The reason is Ikea, which always seems like it's going to be easier to use than you would expect. That's the promise, and the satisfaction of setting something up yourself is often ruined by family feuds.

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In this video though titled "How To Build A DJ Booth," we get the step by step instructions that go beyond anything Ikea has ever done. This is the tutorial of a lifetime, which combines instructions with a step by step guide from Mr. Puzzle himself. We also get some strange music which you grow to love, and within a few minutes you'll be itching to stop what you are doing and conquer this task.

The whole thing lasts about 12 minutes, but it seems like homie is a trained professional so set aside a little more time than that. The result though is pretty crazy, which features room for all your equipment, massive space for records, and an all around sleek aesthetic that will make your house party stand out from the rest.

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