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Watch: Hundreds Severely Injured At Concert Following Massive Fire



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LLast night in Taiwan, what should have been a celebration of music and culture went terribly wrong when a massive fire erupted at the Formosa Water Park in the Bali District. The park was hosting Color Day Asia when the main stage erupted in flames. This resulted in over 500 injuries with around 200 of them being extremely severe and leaving victims in intensive care units.

A New Taipei Fire Department spokesperson told AFP that it was a "powder spray" that caused the fire. He said: "Our initial understanding is this explosion and fire...was caused by the powder spray. It could have been due to the heat of the lights on the stage." Several victims suffered burning to over 40% of their body, and this event is truly tragic.

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One male witness told local news channel CTI: "It started on the left side of the stage. At the beginning I thought it was part of the special effects of the party but then I realised there was something wrong and people started screaming and running." Local mayor Eric Chu said: "We are very sorry about what happened and we will investigate the cause to find out who is responsible.

Details of the event still seem laden with mystery with different parties bringing their own side of the story to the table, but ongoing investigations will help determine exactly what could have happened. It sounds like this could have been caused by faulty pyrotechnics, but we will keep you updated as we hear more. You can watch the video now for yourself below. Warning: It's extremely graphic though, so watch with caution.

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