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Watch: Kid Crying Because He Wants Dubstep Just Made Our Week

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Viral videos are a funny thing. You can't just predict what is going to go viral and what will flop miserably. That is what happens with the Internet. There are millions of videos out there, and you just never know what what will catch on with people and what will get skipped over. That was the case with this video.

It came out in September of 2014, and somehow it just didn't catch on. Then again, these days it seems Facebook videos are the new hot shit, so they should have went for that route. Regardless, so far it's only racked up 1,200 plays. Maybe we are just crazy and this isn't even funny and that's why it has so low of views, but whatever we think it's hilarious.

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The video appeared on our radar when the dubstep don himself Rusko shared the video, and we were surprised to see how little of views it had. If this video came out in 2011 when dubstep was at mainstream peak, this probably would have gone off. 2012 with trap, and this would have exploded. 2014 with deep house, and people would have lost it.

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They missed the mark on what genre, but apparently this kid was a little late on the dubstep trend. Then again, he looks to be about 5 or 6, so you can't really knock the hustle. He also clearly says that he doesn't want to hear hip-hop, Lady Gaga, or "Party Rock" from LMFAO (we don't blame you kid). It also appears he might thinks dubstep is a song, and we really want to know what song. Probably Skrillex. Who knows.

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