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Watch: Next Level Jingle Mashup On A Keyboard Using Actual Objects

Hear 25 Jingles Played On A Keyboard Using The Advertised Products

This is some next level jingle heat. In a video recently uploaded to YouTube, an artist recreates 25 different jingles on a keyboard. The catch? He actually uses the original products the jingles adverted to create the song. It's a mashup of classic jingles from the years, and we have a feeling you've never seen a coke bottle used on a keyboard.

It's the ultimate jingle mashup, and they each blend into each other for an almost three minute video that flows perfectly. Now we are just waiting for the jingle mashup to get the official remix treatment. We could see a trap remix of this. Maybe deep house. Maybe a chill tropical house twist.

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Jingle House is what we will call it, and it's about to be the hottest thing in the clubs. You can watch the video below, and see if you remember all of the classic jingles. Warning: This will get stuck in your head for hours.

(H/T): Adweek

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