Watch: Skrillex Jammed With The String Cheese Incident. Haters Freaked Out

Watch: Skrillex Jammed With The Street Cheese Incident. Haters Freaked Out

Last night at Electric Forest in Michigan, an unlikely pairing occurred when Skrillex jumped on stage during The String Cheese Incident to jam out on the guitar. He did this with Above & Beyond a few years back when they performed their acoustic show at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, but this was a whole new level of confusion for a lot of people.

Little history. The String Cheese Incident is a renowned jam band from Colorado formed in the early 90's, influenced by artists like the Grateful Dead and usually playing multiple extended sets when they perform at festivals. This is the jam band nature, always bringing something improvised and unique to the table. The jam band fan base is most often a far cry from the dance and EDM world, and having an artist that works with Justin Bieber appear with String Cheese was too much for many of their followers to handle.

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Electric Forest initially posted the photo on their Facebook and Twitter last night, and countless people let the butthurt and salty comments flow through them. It was entertaining to watch, and just another testament to how diverse a musician Sonny Moore really is. This goes beyond just his skills with different instruments, and his ability to work with a manifold of artists from various worlds. This is a historic moment really for diverse genres coming together on stage.

You can watch the video below thanks to Dancing Astronaut,  jamming to "Break On Through" and "LA Women" from The Doors. Skrillex previously collaborated with The Doors on the genre-defying track "Breakn A Sweat," so this was all but fitting. You can also read the butthurt comments below.


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