Watch: Ta-Ku Is The Inspirational And More Chill Shia LaBeouf Of Electronic Music

Watch: Ta-Ku Is The Inspirational And More Chill Shia LaBeaouf Of Electronic Music

Australian producer Ta-Ku has always been a passionate and inspirational artist, and this new video clip with Red Bull Music Academy proves exactly that. Beyond producing his own music and performing live, Ta-Ku also owns a barber shop and is further honing his skills as a photographer.

In between the release of Songs To Break Up To and the upcoming release of Songs To Make Up To,  Ta-Ku has continually acquired new passions and speaks on his public hiatus from music and pursuing a manifold of other directions. The Create & Explore project has been a good example, matching visuals with audio in a unique way.

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In the five minute video, we hear about the Team Cozy Instagram project and the community he's helped build that people have latched on to. Ta-Ku talks about how these other projects inspired his drive to make music, and how that helped transfer passion back into Songs To Make Up To.

The project drops on June 12th through Future Classic and Fool's Gold, so check out the aesthetically pleasing video below to get a feel for the release. You can also cop pre-order here.

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